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Mittins Loves Michael Cera

Michael Cera is quite possable my future husband. we would live over here but he would continue to be funny in Hollywood. maybe I don’t want to marrage him, but just live inside his shirt pocket that has a small hole in it so i can see out with tiny bunoculars. but also I would be very small, about the size of stuart little !

mittin little

the telelvivivvion sow ‘Arrested Development’ is quite possable the best televison show america has produced. but it is also possible the creators of this show were too glorious. the show was cancelled. it was like trying to feed a eight year olds birthday party a fine array of aged cheeses, when all they was used to was old microwaved frankfurters.

wheres the sauce 

fun fact – mitton has still not seen the final episodes of arresteted development. the thought that i have unseen treasure awaiting me comforts me.

i also have several love letters i have never read, and a can of crystal pepsi, as yet unopened.

so what now for the brilliant michael cera?

alia shawkat the great

michael once was infact, alia shawkat, a girl.

i have strayed from the topic which is michael cera. well i did just see him in this video which to me is a lovely rendition of events which unfolded on the set of i heart huckabees. you can also it over there, on the right and down a bit where our vodpods are. down a bit.

he also has a website where he lives on the internet with his bff clark. i live at home with my family.

i know alot of you are wondering, why am i writing about this? i don’t know why. i could have written about christian slater but there are only so many hours in my work-day ! tomorrow, frieand.

i guess i just wanted to put it out there. that michael cera is funny and in the future i believe you will all know it and i will be sitting in an armchair, by a roaring fire, sipping on 12yr old whisky, and chuckling to myself. the lights will be dimmed.

signing off,


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back! from the future..


freshly returned from a splendid sojourn in the near future, the magic cauldron this week (or was it next week?) delighted listeners with tales of talking dolphin peoples, hydrogen powdered hover-cars and next weeks’ lotto numbers. Aaaand mittins’ confirmed rumours about her best-selling new time traveling tale, featuring the dr quin (medicine woman), as yet to be fully written, but a guaranteed success! as observed in 2oo9. As per, a selection of fine treats were offered to the musical gods, in the form of the following secular sacrifices:



bendix – the tomorrow people (an old advertisementing)

star trek theme – space, the final frontier..

one be lo – the future

the smiths – how soon is now?

the future sound of london – papua new guinea

at the back of the shell – the kills

the next shit – pharoache monche feat. busta rhymes

the robots – kraftwerk

happy mondays – w.f.l. (think about the future mix)

prince – sign o’ the times

vision incision – lo fidelity allstars

space-man – david brent

a film for the future – idlewild

internet bitch – ninjasonik

mos def – next universe

bump (best friends remix) – spank rock

robot hero – threebrain

josh abrahams – we mess with your head (off the ‘welcome to the future’ LP)

the shirelles – will you still love me tomorrow?

bloc party – helicopter (diplo remix)

jeff buckley – new year’s prayer


back to the future nikes


as to next weeks lotto numbers, they are as follows.

2, 3, 8, 23, 33 and 42. and 45. and maybe 14.

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where that mitton done gone

radio gone

today was a normally such a happy day. but it was just a hap of a day. people rejoiced in the streets, as they knew it was another super monday, the day of The Cauldron. but alas, it was a cauldron sans mitton. absent, for noble activities. shocks were felt across the fleetwaves. tears were shed. about a shed load were shed. those melancholy clouds. but your one, o’shenanigans, soldiered on regardless, chin up indeed, cwoffe in hand and served up a delicious musical stew. just like back in the long hot winter of ’73. baked in the hot gas oven that is the old fleetfm, the recipe is as follows:


The message (datashat remix) – grandmaster flash 7 the furious five

work it out – charlie 2na (feat. Supernatural)

da funk (casino inc amazing disco mix) – daft punk

over and over – hot chip

fire – arthur brown

blood red sleeve – charlie ash

don’t want what you don’t want – planning to rock

50HRZ – seek know more

i can’t write left handed – bill withers

white light/white heat – the velvet undergound

una momento – fatcat & fish face

naughty holiday – connan & the mockasins

monkeys – richard pryor at his hilarious best

chime (live at glasto ’94 y’all!) – orbital

come clean – jeru the damaja

danger! (when the east is in the house) – blahzay blahzay

the mask – danger doom

six day war – colonel bagshot

six days DJ shadow feat. Mos def

inner city boundaries – freestyle fellowship

groovy flute – manu dibango

my guitar wants to kill your mamma – frank zappa

money makes friends – barrington levy

the history of punk on the lower east side – jeffery lewis

i fought the law – the dead kennedys

lesbian seagull – tom wilson

truck driving can be fun – billy james






be sure to tune in next week, me dear hearties.. the magic cauldron will be bubbling with joysome goodness once and forevermore! but not for evermore, the band.

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It’s Cool To Love Your Family

monday ! the day of the magic cauldron is once again upon us all. but it is not a time to be afraid.
it was motars day. i got my motar a perfrume, and cleaned up the cats mess for her, and vacummed her electric blanket while it was still on so she could stay warm. i would do anything for my motar. but also my fatar, and my sizzle, and maybe even my cousins, and my grandparants, and my other ones. i believe in the family and that is what the magic cauldron show is about !

familys are made when babies are born. there can be brothars, sistars, motars, fattars, aunties, uncles, all sorts. some peoeple do not like their family. also, some peoeple have two mums, or dads.

two dads and a keenan
two dads and a keenan

bob’s yer uncle – the happy mondays
derrier le grande filtre – francoize bruet
african chant – origin unknown (no, not the 90’s D&B heads..)
five people in my family – sesame street
come to daddy – the dillinger escape plan
careful – sebadoh
melting pot – the charlatans (chemical brothers mix)
mamacita – outkast
kyles mom is a bitch – southpark
my sister – juliana hatfield
we share our mothers health – the knife
mummies tomb – the chandeliers
hicky-burr – ceaser frazer
i’ll be your sister – superchunk
have you seen you mother, standing in the shadows? – the rolling stones
come on get happy – the partridge family
i’m a rattlesnakin’ daddy – barbeque bob
stuntin like my daddy – birdman feat. lil wayne
happy birthday to me- frank sinatra
lo wife – rack lo and lo wife
one to another – the charlatans
it’s cool to love your family – feist
good rockin’ daddy – etta james
blues for mama – nina simone
my daddy rocks me – trixie smith
father and son – johnny cash and fiona apple
theme from S.W.A.T -rhythm heritage
i just wanna get along – the breeders
here – luscious jackson
banga – ali farke toure & ry cooder

happy birthday to the old rascal ben from the bored housewife radio show ! check out his show here

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wendy’s big burger bonanza

as the mitton said, your one shenanigans saw the filum ’28 weeks later’, and what follows was to be a considered review of said movie. however, after reading the mitts’ comprehensive review i feel that i should perhaps turn my attention to my post-movie activities, namely, the satiation of my post-movie hunger via a ‘meal’ procured from the wendy’s food chain.


having never used the drive thru feature offered by the larger of the fast food chains (as i don’t frequent such establishments; politics, dontchaknow), and in serious need of nourishment after enduring the above feature, i decided upon patronising the Dominion road Wendy’s for my repast, confident in the knowledge that i could order/pay/pick-up quicker than i can change my cotton socks, and then journey homeward to stuff the face hole. as well as the novelty of the ‘drving thru’, the decision to sample wendy’s fare was also made on the spurious basis that my fave 80’s pop icon (and subject of First True Love (not including imaginary girlfriend, one ‘Rasp’) was the Wendy James, former lead singer of Transvision Vamp, current lead singer of Racine, and i liked the symmetry. Regular listeners of the cauldron on fleetfm will no doubt have commented on my very healthy appreciation of this lady’s all round splendidness. a veritable spunk.

wendy james

to the food, then. I ordered a simple chicken burger, complete with fries and a beverage (i have no truck with hamburgers. Where does the ham come into it?). Such was my hunger that i delved straight into the branded brown bag and crunched on chips, as i turned right down dom rd. If i were to describe my reaction as i muched that first fry, it would be ’emergh’. It tasted much as i would imagine a deep fried twig wood. A ha. Several grimaces later, i arived home, and opened a guady foil-esque wrapper containing the ‘burger. The chicken affair. As well as keeping the product tepid, the foil also acted as a high tech recepticle to trap any airbourne moisture and transfer to the bun. Maybe this is designed that way to keep the single sad leaf of lettuce limp and the sliver of tomato tense. As mentioned, the bap was crap. Damp. The chicken pattie was also affected by the steam, and as a result was chewable at best. As to any flavour, it was bereft. Luckily, by this point, i had dismissed any expectations. Need i comment on the carbonated sugar saturated beverage? It was just that. But with ice.

To conclude then, the food quality matched the movie marvolously, and as such i am left reasonably content with the symmetry of my evening. Would i revist the Wendy’s? i think not. even more so since i discovered of the homophobic nature of the FFG (fast food giant), during my research. Apparently, when Ellen Degeneres ‘came out’ as a lesbot on her hit show, the imaginitively titled ‘Ellen’, the FFG pulled it’s sponsorship. poor, i say. poor.

ellen and 'friend'

post script: although i didn’t really expect WJ to hand me my order from the Collection Window, i’d be fibbing if i said my fingers weren’t crossed in some vain hope that the vamp were on staff that night..

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28 weeks later

weeks ! not days. what a concept.

last night shenanigans and myself were invited to a vieweing of the film ’28 weeks later’. it is a sequel to ’28 days later’.

except this time, it is weeks.

in the film, when english peoeple bite each other they get rabies, and run very fast in large groups looking for new peeople to bite. but soon everybady is running out of peoeple to bite, because of the no-bagsies-no-returns rule of rabies.

when the film begins, there are only a handful of english people left and the american army has come to rehabilitate england. they have lots of camoflage, guns, sunglasses, and helicopters. one englash family that got survived of the rabies is being helped by the americans and this is the basis of the next hours or so of the film.

these new zombies sure run fast 

one good thing that this film has brought to the zombie genre, is that these zombies can run very fast.

normally, zombies is all slow. but these zombies is fast. also, they don’t moan like normal zombies, they scream very loud. and they is very alert. old zombies are slow, and moan, and are kind of sluggish.

these ones is fast.

apart from this development in zombies, the film was dumb.

i didnt even want to go but we got free tickets and even then i knew i shouldnt go. i dont know why the film was made, and i only watched it because i was comfortable in the seat and i couldnt get enough quiet to sleep instead. the film had no people in the story that i didnt want to get rabies – they could all get rabies as far as mitton was concerned! also, there wasnt even any scary bits. apart from this bit :

when that bit happened i got a littel fright.

towards the end of the film, i was excited because i knew that soon there would only be the main characters left and the film would end. this is exactly what happened. all the rabies went away and everyone was safe again. even all the peoeple that died. even all of the rabies. everyone was happy again. and there was even a refund on all the bullets and grenades.

in conclusion, this film was dumb and i give it only 2 spells out of 5. only see this movie if you take ear plugs so you can have a sleep. also make sure you take a eyes mask, a wollen hat and some mittens. but not mittins, because i will not see this film again !

signing off.

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Who Me?

today was a horrable start to the magic cauldron when mitton couldn’t work the mixer and shenanigans was asleep. but ! a gypsy came in and helped us. perhaps the gypsies want to be frieands?

the theme for todays show was ‘who me?’ songs with peoepeples names.

who me?

hey joe – nick cave and the bad seeds

helen lundeberg – sonic youth

freddies dead – curtis mayfield

ruby, don’t take your love to town – kenny rogers and the first edition

luck of lucien – a tribe called quest

barbara ann – the beach boys

my moon my shawty –

sheila take a bow – the smiths

maria – leonard bernstein (from west side story!)

rick rubin – spank rock

little liza jane – nina simone

margaret vs pauline – neko case

johnny b goode – the sex pistols

michelle – richard cocciante

now you know – attica blues

luther plays the boogie – johnny cash

gypsy woman – muddy waters

aretha sing one for me – george jackson

martha – tom waits

henry lee – nick cave and pj harvey

bonnie & clyde -serge gainsbourg et bridget bardot

deep inside – may j blige

pretty pretty priya – anand prayag & chorus

mum, i love you – leyton smith

john the revelator – son house

meija – porno for pyros

jolene – sisters of mercy

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The Mitties Cauldron !


Because a young shenanigans decided to live up to his name and not come to the radio station this morning, the one true mittin had to do the show all on her lonesome ! what happened over the next two hours was nothing short of brilliant and glorious. Below are the details. 

i say yeah – the pets

whodat – black sheep

crimson & clover – joan jett & the blackhearts (as requested by a lovely texter!)

the limit to your love – feist

the ballad of el goodo – big star

the first part – superchunk

pinball number count – the pointer sisters

request line – pnc

here i come – the roots

symphony – EPMD feat MOP

love is a deserter – the kills

coal to diamonds – the gossip

panic at the disco ! – the hungry eyes

big time sensuality – bjork

all is full of love – death cab for cutie

love is strange – mickey and sylvia

annihilate now ! – idlewild

i bet it stung – tegan & sara

STORYTIME – the curse of the ugly race by mittins

man with the harmonica – ennio morricone

i wanna be your jlo – css

pink moon – sebadoh

do you love me now? – the breeders

bees – the hungry eyes

handle with care – jenny lewis and the watson twins

buckets of rain – neko case

im not playing – ultimate force

thank you to all those lovely texters ! you are goodys and i promise to never tell.


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