It’s Cool To Love Your Family

monday ! the day of the magic cauldron is once again upon us all. but it is not a time to be afraid.
it was motars day. i got my motar a perfrume, and cleaned up the cats mess for her, and vacummed her electric blanket while it was still on so she could stay warm. i would do anything for my motar. but also my fatar, and my sizzle, and maybe even my cousins, and my grandparants, and my other ones. i believe in the family and that is what the magic cauldron show is about !

familys are made when babies are born. there can be brothars, sistars, motars, fattars, aunties, uncles, all sorts. some peoeple do not like their family. also, some peoeple have two mums, or dads.

two dads and a keenan
two dads and a keenan

bob’s yer uncle – the happy mondays
derrier le grande filtre – francoize bruet
african chant – origin unknown (no, not the 90’s D&B heads..)
five people in my family – sesame street
come to daddy – the dillinger escape plan
careful – sebadoh
melting pot – the charlatans (chemical brothers mix)
mamacita – outkast
kyles mom is a bitch – southpark
my sister – juliana hatfield
we share our mothers health – the knife
mummies tomb – the chandeliers
hicky-burr – ceaser frazer
i’ll be your sister – superchunk
have you seen you mother, standing in the shadows? – the rolling stones
come on get happy – the partridge family
i’m a rattlesnakin’ daddy – barbeque bob
stuntin like my daddy – birdman feat. lil wayne
happy birthday to me- frank sinatra
lo wife – rack lo and lo wife
one to another – the charlatans
it’s cool to love your family – feist
good rockin’ daddy – etta james
blues for mama – nina simone
my daddy rocks me – trixie smith
father and son – johnny cash and fiona apple
theme from S.W.A.T -rhythm heritage
i just wanna get along – the breeders
here – luscious jackson
banga – ali farke toure & ry cooder

happy birthday to the old rascal ben from the bored housewife radio show ! check out his show here


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  1. Anonymous

    I am swedish backpacker and I listen to your show. It makes me laugh at new zealanders having fun and being crazy. In Sweden we call such people “SlOeven” which means “goofy” over here.

    Keep Bein’ SlOeven!

    Your mate,