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Bright Grey Video !

The Phoenix Foundation have just released the music video for Bright Grey, the first single from their upcoming album ‘Happy Endings’. The music video has been directed by Taika Waititi, the very same director of ‘Eagle vs Shark’, the soundtrack of which features Phoenix Foundation songs !

The radio statrons are playing this song alot and alot. When I first heard it I said I didn’t know if i likes it. Now it has grown on me and I do like it ! Ooh Ooh, Ooh Ooh.

But now, I aint know if i likes the video ! Oh Mittins.

The Phoenix Foundation 

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Hot In Herre Video

Hi everybady, it’s me Mittons, keeping the cauldron burning on the daily :O

I wish that all rhymed :/

Well everybady, today I found out there is a music video for Jenny Owen Youngs cover of ‘Hot In Herre’ !

‘Hot In Herre’ Directed by Josh Forbes

Jenny Owen Youngs has recently released her album ‘Batten The Hatches’. I seen it at the record store but I don’t go there much nowadays, too many prices.

mittin the hatches !

visit jenny

Oh also here is anotter picture of her so you can calculate her sex appeal and let it dictate how much time and money you will spend on her !

jenny owen mitties

okay then!

Mitties x

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Inappropriate News.

it is mittins here, with something to tell everybady. Tina Yothers has given birth, to a baby.


yes this yothers !

some of you may have read my review of yothers self help book ‘being your best: a guide for girls’.

it would be foolish to downplay the impact this book has had on my life. from my hair to down there. if it had not been for this book my phone manner would be poorly, and i would have matched polkadots with stripes :/ i would never have learned how to maintain.

if you ever want to be your best, this is the book to show you how.

being your best !

regardless of the above, must tina yothers give birth, to a baby? is it appropriate?

i do not think so !



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Good Things and Bad Things for Monday.

lovely snail who is cuddly

Good Things I Did :

I saw a snail on our front steps and moved her to the side so she aint get hurt.

Bad Things I Did :

I took money from the kitchen table, and the other table also :/




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Mittins She Wrote.

to mittins, with love, angela x

Yesterday I played on the radio all by myself. Shenanigans had to go get the sex change ! Here is what I played :

Murder She Wrote Theme Song – John Addison II
Bees – The Hungry Eyes
I Missed The Bus – Kriss Kross
Don’t Say Nuthin – The Roots
Boyz (Diplo Remix) – M.I.A (feat. Battles & Akon)
Clan in the Front – Wu Tang Clan
Got Ur Self A Gun – Nas
Love is Strange – Mickey & Sylvia
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here – Weezer
Is There A Ghost – Band of Horses
Gimme More – Britney Spears
When No One Cares – Junior Boys
What You Know About That – T.I.
Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case
Flo Me La – Nina Simone
Urban Maori – 4 Corners
Babylon Burning The Ghetto – Lethal Bizzle
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos – Public Enemy
Georgia.. Bush – Lil Wayne
Horse Winning Without Rider – Phelps & Munro
Race: In – Battles
Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John
A Little Respect – Erasure
Breed – Nirvana
I Know We’ll Forget – Connan & The Mockasins


p.s. you can listen to the above show here if you like !


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hugging it out

they say it is better to be late than never. i’m not so sure. for example i’d prefer to never go to my own funeral than be late for it. but there you go. this is a playlist that has been in the draft folders for ages. last thursday (20th sept oh7), jazzrod, mittins and me, shananigans, went to the fleet studio and brought all our favorite music storage devices, including CDs, cassettes and records. and for two hours we played, danced and drank some fine beers. and then we drank some heinekens! and there was some very good hugging going on too. we even had a three way hug! i for one had never indulged in such an activity, but had read all about it on the tinternet and now know what all the hype is about. so, here you can listen and below is the belated playlist..

pink cow

  • cherchez la ghost – ghostface killah

  • the jam – krs one feat. shabba ranks

  • let the rhythm hit them – erik b & rakim

  • atlas – battles

  • running up that road [ashley beedle rmx] – kate bush

  • chris chana – wagon christ

  • the watcher – dr dre

  • turf dancing – dj shadow feat. animaniacs

  • vybz cartel

  • twin peaks fire walk with me – fantomas

  • passion for fashion – we smoke fags

  • making you all mine – clor

  • tonto – battles

  • poor innocent boys – cazals

  • all is full of love – death cab for cutie

  • floorplan – tegan & sara

  • us placers – crs

  • young, gifted and black – the gaylads

  • second migration – king kapisi

  • check on it – beyonce samuel remix

  • we dont exist – meat puppets

  • ain’t saying my goo – er.. dunno//

  • are u that somebody – the gossip


better late than never

p.s. hurrah for the mittins return!



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Bees by The Hungry Eyes !

Exclusive ! The Hungry Eyes have completed their debut video ‘Bees’ and given it str8 to The Magic Cauldron for urgent viewing !

Bees by The Hungry Eyes

Go to The Hungry Eyes at My Space to download Bees and also llisten to more songs!




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