Daily Archives: September 5, 2007

godspeed goodfriend

i like to think i have a good working relatonship with my computer, and i can leave it alone when i wAnt.. but it does it soak up my precious time, and let’s face it, it’s a bit 1sided really. even tho, i’ll miss my beast.. it’s like my favorite horse [unlike my mouselike mobile]. it is heading back to the techs that spawned it to eek out the last of the warrenty goodness. i’ve scratched up the HDD with all manner of rudemusic, and now it whinges like an infant when booted. i’m sort of looking forward to some off-line activities. and who knows, i may even go for a walk.. i leave these offerings to the gods of the internets for a swift return of the old warnag.


donkey doctor – 808 state

wild horses – the rolling stones

return of the hardcorejumblecarbootechnodiscoRoadshow – bently rhythm ace

plug me in – add N to (X) [check out the racy vid for this tune here if you dare..]
old man goat herder shenanigans, in better days

may the funk be with you and also with you..




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