Storytime happens on The Magic Cauldron every Monday at 10am. It is the best time to sit and listen to a good story that we have written with our own hearts.

You can read some of the stories below ! Some of the stories are about fairy tales, some are adventures, some are theories, and some are fan-fic – plus! we have an ongoing saga that anybody who wants to can help us write !


NZ Idol Fanfic ! NZ Idol R18 by Mittins.
Jodie Foster Fan-Fic ! Flightplan by Mittins.
Friends Fan-Fic ! The Curse of The Ugly Race by Mittins.


Mittins in Smurfland by Mittins.

Galoff and The Three Daughters : The Saga !

Below is our ongoing story at The Magic Cauldron called ‘Galoff and the Three Daughters’.

The story is an interactive one which means we want you to add your own chapter to it. We read out the chapters as they come to us, every Monday on our show ! You can add as much or as little as you like, and you can take the story in whatever direction you want. You can even make babies in it !


galoff rode down the hill in a truffle of a hurry. “where are my dotters!” he screamed into the rain that fell from the heavans, as he sat atop his horse. “ruby trixen and mallee!” wherer are they!”

ruby trixen and mallee were in the secret hay fort they had biult down beneath their old fattars castel. the three sisitars liked to spend their time underneath the house, looking for dead animals to eat or old cobwebs to add to their collection. and when it rained it surely was the best time, because alive animals or old beggar men would sometimes crawl under the house to stay dry. and ruby trixen and mallee would play with them.

ruby was the oldest one and she always got first pick of the visitors to the fort. sometiimes she would give trixen and mallee her leftovers from playing, unless she found rabbits becase they were her favourite. and if it was a white rabbit she would even give the rabbit its own hay to eat first.

today they could hear their fattar galoff crying out from them over the rain. “fattar galoff is so mad at us!” said trixen. “i bet he will chop all of our legs off and feed them to the fire if he finds us!”

mallee started crying. she was always crying, and wanting to do the right thing. “shut up mallee, you know its the truhts.” said trixen. “he has run out of firewood and theres too much of us to feed in the winter, especially you.”

mallee wailed.

“trixen is right.” said ruby. “you know its truhts.”

mallee sniffled.

“now aet your straw if you’re going to cry, you will scare the visitors away.”

mallee took a handful of straw and put it in her mouth. she did know it was truhts. but how she ever got born into this family was a mystery and a curse in one !

“dotters!” wailed galoff. “dotters you can hear me i know it! it is time for you all to come back to the casteal! i have cooked a risotto for you! and i have a ruddel to tell you over supper! dotters! ”

but there was no reply to galoff. only the neigh neigh neigh of his horse was heard in reply. galoff balled his hands into fists. his heart would not be broken again, not while he still had mirrors !

“very well then dotters! i shall eat this risotto for myself and you may reheat it on your solemn return !” galoff waited a moment more and then turned his horse back with a jerk of the reins. Those dotters of his would not know what their silence would cost them !

back in the hay fort, mallee had spoiled her appetite eating hay. Now there was one wall shorter than the others. She did not want the otters to notice so she began eating the other walls too.

“when will we go back to the castel?” she mumbled as she chewed. “when enough visitors come you old gumboot!” yelled trixen.

“shut up trixen you will frighten the rabbits!” scowled ruby.

All of a sadden there was a rustling to be heard over the rain. “hallo? Is there children playing under this old castel?” an old voice croaked.

“im awful cold” contned the beggar. “im rotten on life.”

He squinted his dirty eyes around in the darkness. The girls eyes lit up.

“come this way!” replied ruby “I have a costuame for you to put on!”



Ruby led the beggar into a secret room beneath the castle. It housed Galoff’s trumpet collection and some dead bodies. And also a cat who came and went as he pleased.

But the bestest thing what was in the room was the costume what Ruby had spake of. It was nice.

‘Put this on beggar’ said Ruby. The beggar knew to do as he was told. Too many of his kind has been far to cavalier when dealing with the daughters in the past. Once a man said no to them and was slowly beaten to death with a silk scarf. Another had spoken profanities within earshot of the girls and was made to hop on one foot for one whole hour. They were not to be trifled with.

Once the costume was on the girl giggled with girlish glee. In fact, it was just girl glee. There was nothing girlish about it. They were girls afterall. If they were boys, their glee could have been described as boyish. But they weren’t. They were girls. And they were just being themselves. Which is all anyone can ask of you. That’s how you find love, according to my Mum.

Mallee could not quite see the costume properly because there was a barrell in the way. And also she was blind.’Doth he look funny’ she asked.

‘Why are you talking all old timey all of a sudden?’ perused Trixen.
‘Just thought it might be fun’ convinced Mallee. Trixen saw this as the perfect excuse to punch her blind sister in the face. Ruby thought it was awesome and wished someone had invented video so she could see it again. Mallee began to cry – not because her face was sore, but because she knew she would never see video, even if it were invented in the future.

‘Describe the costume to me’ confided Mallee.

‘Well’ said Trixen ‘It is the hue of orange and long and almost triangular in shape, were it not for the slight ribbing on the sides. Atop it sits a green sprouting headpiece of green’

‘Is he dressed as a carrot?’ pressured Mallee. ‘Yes’ disposed Ruby ‘I’m going to use him to catch a rabbit. The biggest rabbit of all time.’

Mallee nearly shit her pants.’Can I have a mug of water?’ transposed the beggar.’Never’ said Trixen ‘We have work to do…’


galoff drummed his fingers on the kitchen table.

it was a good table, and he had eaten his dinner there more times than he’d had hot dinners. the table was sturdy, galoff had made it himself from the heaviest tree that had fallen, way back in the storm of ’39.

it had seen many a merry meal. meals with the best mushrooms he had foraged from the surrounding woods. and many a meal had been eaten in silence, his wife, his estranged wife chewing her food like a mormon. oh, how she would stare, anger and resentment drillin into him with cold fury. how could he explain to her his personal hygene issues were economic, and the price of old spice had risen dramatically since the christmas rush. she wouldn’t understand how the castle just wasn’t the money spinner it had once been. he couldn’t release his secrets. ever since that damn bolshevic government had poked it’s oar in..

“i’m leaving you” she had said, “look after your daughters, galoff, i’m outta here.. treat them well. tell them their mother loves them, but not really enough to hang around. tell them to listen to fleet fm, treat the kindly galoff.” she had always been smart.

the risotto was cold. the table was set, but galoff knew better than to serve the risotto. those daughters of his. wild to a woman. just like their mother. where were those daughters.. who knew what they did in the old stables of the castle. stables long out of use, nothing left but cobwebs and gods knows what lurking around.. he personally hadn’t visited them since The Accident. the horses long gone, the wild straw, fed by years of uncleaned horse poo, had colonised the crumbling walls like the british.

“i’m just going for a ride” she had said..

where were those daughters? galoff wringed his hands and looked at his lonely hands. he loved his daughters, but couldn’t relate to their lust for life. the only reason he knew that they visited the stables was because they were so very enthusiastic about their advenures, they would often speak of them at supper, completely oblivious to the fact galoff, their father, was sitting opppisite, jaw asunder. shocked, yet unable to comment. those girls. he shook his head and cleared the table.


Now. Trixen, Mallee, and a giant carrot named Robert, were following Ruby as she sniffed her way deeper into the forest. “rabbits will be here” announced ruby in an authoritative tone. “i just know there will be”. She lifted her nose up higher and took a deep smell. “This way”.

It had been two hours now, since Ruby had announced the sistars voyage into the deep woods that grew out from the boundaries of galoffs castle. Now, everybadys feets was sore, and nobady had packed any lunch. It was getting dark, dark enough that to the sensiable mind, any bunny rabbits would soon be turning in for sleeping time. or turning in to make babies. To make babies like rabbits, to rabbits, was just making babies.

Mallee cautiously felt her way down a rickety trail. “ruby, i should be the one to smell the rabbits. i am blind, so my sense of smell is heightened!”

“oh, shut up Mallee” replied Ruby. “you wouldn’t know how to smell a bunny rabbit if you had a nose as big as your face!” Mallee stopped in her tracks. She felt her face, and her nose was not even half of her face. Maybe only ten or fifteen percent, at most.

“And either how, I am not just smelling for any old rabbit. I am smelling for a giant rabbit !” Ruby cackled at the thought of the giant rabbit as she strode on ahead. Ha, ha, ha. That giant rabbit would soon be hers, and then she didn’t even know how she would cope with it, what she would do with it first, or second, or last, or if she would share it with anybody, or even if she would ever return home to Galoffs castel, or if she would ever be satisfied ! Ha, ha, ha.

Mallee kicked at the ground. She wondaraed what percentage of Rubys face was taken up by her nose. Or maybe one day, her fist, if she ever got her aim right. Oh well.

“Wait for me sistars!” she bellowed as she hurried along to catch up with them. A giant rabbit would make it all worth it. But then all of a sadden she ran off a cliff and fell down into a deep chasm.

“Oops !” she screamed as she fell. “oooops!…”


CHAPTER FIVE ! by Mittins.

Ruby and Trixen sat around Trixens burning sweatshirt, roasting some flowers they had gathered from the forest floor. Trixen shivered a little. Boy was she glad that she had brought her sweatshirt to keep them warm. “this is nice” she offered.

Ruby opened her eyes. She had been daydreaming of bunny whiskers. “It is nice – I am glad to be away from that old Galoff and his constant meddling.”

Trixen bit her lip. She thought back to the old castel where they had left this morning on this unexpected journey. It wasn’t that bad, was it? She remembered the old hay walls they had built under the castle, and the cobwebs, and the old cat that used to jump on her face in the most inopportune of times. She remembered..

Trixen suddenly sat up, alert. She looked around the campfire – once, twice and then four and a half times. “Ruby, something is not right. Where is the other one?”

Ruby looked around too, her face scrunching up like a used handy towel. She sniffed in the air. It smelled of burning wool, leaves and elves bottoms. It would make a lovely fragrance one day. She imagined posing nude underneath a waterfall for a print advertisement. She would call the fragrance “Glorious”. Maybe some bunny rabbits would appear in the advertisement also. Maybe she could be holding a white bunny rabbit under the watarfall, or they could be hopping around the surrounding rocks, or the bottle itself could be shaped as a bunny rabbits ear.


Ruby stood at once. “Put your sweatshirt out Trixen ! Something horrable has happened ! We need to find the other one !”

Trixen rose, hurriedly stomped on her burning sweatshirt, and put it back on. It burned like a motherfucker. It really fucking hurt ! Like that was a very bad and wrong thing to do. Oh lord, the pain. She was so stupid sometimes.

“Hurry!” bellowed Ruby. “We must go back through the forest and find the other one! You go this way, and I will go the other way. We don’t have much time.”

Trixen nodded. Ruby grabbed her by the pigtails.

“- And we will meet back here in twelve passings, where it smells of burning wool, leaves, and elves bottoms, which is a lovely fragrance that I bags. Good voyage sistar. Don’t do anything very bad or wrong. If I don’t see you in twelve passings I will not see you again”

Trixen nodded again, and shuffled off into the night.

Ruby took one last smell of the wondearful fragrance, and began running in the opposite direction.

To be conintuninued !

continuew our story !

post it in the reply coleumn, frieand.


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