Oh Silver Scrolls

god defend pops ultimate star

Them Silver Scrolls is coming around again. It is New Zealands Most Best Songwriting Award. (I think I won this back in 1982.)

A while ago I posted that The Mint Chicks ‘Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No!’ would take it out. Check out their song below as performed by TMC bestie Anika Moa.

Well, APRA has now decided on their top 20 finalists ! Having a top 20 reminds me of watching American Idol on televison.

Even more Idol, is that now members of APRA will decide who will make the final five ! by voting ! I hope somebody wins a brand new car !

But there can only be one winnar.

The Top 20 contenders for the 2007 APRA Silver Scroll :

Albertine – Brooke Fraser,Performed by Brooke Fraser

Anyone Can Say Goodbye – Greg Johnson & Ted Brown, Performed by Greg Johnson

Beautiful Haze – Sean Donnelly, Performed by SJD

Crawl – Sean Cunningham, Ben Campbell & Beth Campbell, Performed by Atlas

Crazy? Yes! Dumb? No! – Ruban Nielson, Performed by The Mint Chicks

Deciphering Me – Brooke Fraser, Performed by Brooke Fraser

Don’t Stop Now – Neil Finn, Performed by Crowded House

For A While – Boh Runga, Performed by stellar*

Girl About Town – Miriam Clancy, Performed by Miriam Clancy

I Will Do – Hollie Smith & Jeremy Toy, Performed by Hollie Smith

I Will Not Let You Down – Sean Donnelly, Performed by Don McGlashan

Light Surrounding You – Dann Hume & Jon Hume, Performed by Evermore

Maybe – Jason Kerrison, Bobby Kennedy, Matt Treacy & Clinton Harris, Performed by Opshop

One – Redford Grenell, Devin Abrams, Nick Robinson, Sam Trevethick & Paora Apera, Performed by Shapeshifter

Rise Up (part 2) – Jeremy Toy, Julien Dyne, Lewis McCallum & Tyra Hammond, Performed by opensouls

Second Chance – Liam Finn, Performed by Liam Finn

The Way To Breathe – Julia Deans, Andrew Bain & Simon Braxton, Performed by Fur Patrol

This Soldier – Victoria Girling-Butcher, Performed by Lucid 3

We’re So Lost – Buzz Moller, Performed by Voom

What’s A Few Tears To the Ocean – Shayne Carter, Performed by Dimmer

I am now going to the APRA website to read and listen to every song. In a few days I will post up my five best ones !


The Silver Scroll Awards will be held sometime in the future in probably a big area where all the famous people can gather.


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  1. Oo – they are all so good, and i feel so proud of lil kiwis and their musak.