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from the arhcives – flightplan : a riewview

Foreword : Because we want our Magic Cauldron page to contain reviews, I walked to the cave of archives and found this old one on Flightplan. I was going to write a rewview on Black Sheep, the new film which premierers tonight. But I have to look after my Yaya and also there is such a thing as too much red carptert. Your conidfidant, Mittins.


ze plane


me and snake eyes went to the movie flightplane tonight with jodie foster. in this movie jodie foster goes on a plane with her daughter and then she cant find her daughter ! ! ! 

jodie foster is an actress with acclaimed perfromrances in such films as nell and sommersby and little man tate !  she won an academay award when she acted.

this movie is got her in it in the main part. her daughter is also in it but she goes missing. there is a captain of the plaene and hostesses and passengers. the plane itself is big and steel and has a televsion on every seat.

during this movie i ate caramel popcorn and snake eyes had some. we also had a medium coke each and i didnt spill any on myself ! i was careful. because of ppast accidents.

flightplane was another acting notch on the beylt of jodie foster. she looked very frightened and someties she looked so angry at people like the captain. also one time she got clocked good and it must have hurt ! a lot of the time she ran down the aisle in slow motion and screamed. other time her eyes darted around she looked like a baby hedgehog trying to get out of a concrete ditch and being unable to !

the other people in the movie could not compete with jodie foster but they tried and tried and tried ! moslty they tried with their eyes. sometimes they tried so hard i had to point at them and say to snake eyes look at that one! and he would point out other ones who tried aswell. these people deserve a medal.

to summary my time at the movies, i have never felt so happy watching it ! i feel full of joy and laughter. i like little babies and i like joide foster.

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young lady sings drunk in public. would someone please think of the children?

now then. have you seen this on the tube? a charmingly drunken amy winehouse (& cheeky charley church (who has her own show?!)) singinging, hic, ‘beat it’, by your one, MJ.

i like the winehouse. she sure has the funk.. and you know i just can’t muster the energy to give a toss about her well documented drunken antics, but it certianly does seem to sell papers in blighty. how very sweet of people to care! check out this tabloid bollocks from those bastards, apols, bastions of good taste at the daily yawn..
and if you like her drunk, you should listen to her nu rekkid, see.. here’s some rather tasty tunes from her new LP, Back to Black, couresy of the good people from can you see the sunset. and it seems every one is getting down to jive, what with all the remixes going on. i can heartily recommend the hot chip found there..

righto, i’m out… and i’m sure y’all down with her goodness, what with being so fresh n all, but i saw the vid and had to share.. i say bon nuit.

don’t be sad amy

there there, don’t be glum amy, it’ll be ok.

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PlayList 26 March 2007

This Week Shenanigans & Mittins played some of their favourite songs, embarrassing ones and all ! from their past.

4th chamber – the gza

public enemy numer 1 – P.E. in full effect !

breakbeat era – breakbeat era

pumpkin – tricky

live from the opium den (dust brothers remix) – justin warfield

what’s up, fatlip? – fatlip

little trouble girl – sonic youth

summertime rolls – janes addiction

unknown track! – the gutter snipes

baby i dont care – transvision vamp

storytime  – by loula

ike’s rap II – isaac hayes

shook ones pt II – mobb deep

breathe & stop – q-tip

debaser – the pixies

principals office – young mc

baby, did you hear? – dinah washington

little red rooster – sam cooke

live from the opium den (original version ! ) – justin warfield

it’s a shame – monie love

rock around the clock – the sex pistols

standing in the way of control – the gossip

get you rocks off – primal scream

cannonball – the breeders

everything is everything – lauren hill

and that was our show! we certainly had fun playing all our fave tunes from way back, and from not so waay back..


love and kisses from

mittins and shenaniganss…

see you next week!!


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Interview – Shenanigans Run

I found this in the old archives, an interviewe conducted between two confidants in the early magic cauldron era.

‘Shenanigans Run’ by Mittins, 20 March 2007.


shenanigans stands tall as mittins looks on from behind 


Mittins : Who is your favourite from Sesame Street?

Shenanigans : Oh… that’s a good question ! Because i like them all but I prefered the Muppets – Can i pick a Muppet? I didn’t like Big Bird.

Mittins : Who is your best Muppet then?

Shenanigans : Oh… I say I liked the scientists and the eagle type chap and Gonzo because he was crazy. Oh and I liked the two old duffers in the wings.

Mittins : Will you become a trained chef one day?

Shenanigans : I hope one day to get noticed by a great cooking institution. And they will offer me an apprenticeship which I will gladly accept. And then i will open my own cafe one day which will enable me to sit on my arse drinking coffee and reading books.

Mittins : (silent)

Shenanigans : You get straight to the crux don’t you.

Mittins : What is your favourite song to play when you are lonely?

Shenanigans : I have a very special record for such an occassion. And as I am a lonely person, I seem to play it alot. Infact it’s almost worn out. It’s called ‘You’re losing me’ by Anne Sexton.

Mittins : Do you put this song on and cry? Or clean dishes? Or dance?

Shenanigans : I do all three. I dance while I clean dishes with my own tears. Sniff sniff.

Mittins : Why are cacti appealing to you?

Shenanigans : Oh.. Um. I like the cactuses because they are vulnerable yet know how to protect themselves from marauding beasts, and old mother nature.

Mittins : Are you a cactus Shenanigans?

Shenanigans : I think I am and have only just realised with your delicately probing questions, much like a surgeons callipers.

Mittins : This ends our interview. Thank you for your time. We will let you know if you will be granted a further interview.

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one night in hilton

friends, this is your very own shenanigans here. at last, i hear you cry.. yes, i am posting for the first time on these magic cauldron wordpress pages that the ever glorious mittins has engineered for us.. this is indeed an exciting event, and i hope to keep the standard as high as the old mitton has set.

however, i am forced to keep it relatively brief today, because time is proving precious.. for i have a thrilling evening in store for me, at the hilton hotel, no less, on the glitzy auckland waterfront.

along with a select few colleagues, i will be propping up the hiltons’ swish, ultra modern and allegedly sophisticated bellini bar, swilling the finest pink gin and stuffing the old pie hole with fresh lobsters, fricasseed in a pate de fois gras. perhaps.


hilton auckland

the hilton hotel, princess wharf, auckland


as regular listeners of our show on fleet fm are no doubt well aware, your one shenanigans is no sailor. however, despite my nautical shortcomings, i managed to secure a second place in the TV Factorys’ annual regatta, last week. with said work-friends. we were a veritable crew. actually, if truth be told, i am a landlubber through and through and not much use on the open seas; i went ‘below decks’ when the heavens opened. anyway, to cut a long story short, at the prizegiving a $250 hilton voucher was gifted to the team for our admirable efforts. the very voucher which will be put to good use this evening.

so you will forgive me, please, as i dash.. for i need to shower and shave and source a suitably sparkling shirt, on the off chance that the young paris will be serving the drinks. rest assured, dear reader, that if i do spot the haughty heiress, you will be the first to know.

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tradegy at the inorganic collection



old mac

on my way home from work yestarday, i took a detour from my house to drive further down the road. a good song was on the radio and it is a favourite thing to drive while listeaning to a good song. so drive i did.

once the song had finished i turned around to go back home. sneaking down a side street, i came across some of the inorganic collection which has been littering our city streets for the past week. look ! i said in my mind. a table ! i wondar if that would be a good table for mittins? i drove further. a matress ! i wondar if mittins could put old newspaper on it and sleep somewhere?

a bit further along.


could it be? an old, old, old, old apple macintosh SE ! hot coconut trees bark ! it just might have been 😮 i thought to my head.

but i kept driving. it probably wasn’t. mittins probably was seeing things. i reached my street.

wait ! just have another look !

okay mitton-head.

so i turned around and drove back down. another good song came on the radio. so it would be worth it anyhow.

i turned back into the side street and took to a very slow crawl along the side of the road.

yes ! there it was ! an old macintosh SE ! mittins has always wanted one of those ! a collectors item for sure. well, maybe one day !

and there ! over yonder, a park for mitton ! always being safety conscious and law abiding, i pulled into the park and prepared to step out and claim my treasure.

but all of a suddan a shadow was cast over mitton.

a large black suv loomed in my rear view mirror. and a strange feeling came over. it seeemed to be going very slowly along the street. crawling, just as mitton-car had done. and then, all of a sudden it came to a rest. right beside my long lost treasure.

a little boy jumped out of the big black car. he was wearing a primary blue brandless polo shirt, khaki shorts and had black curly hair and brown skin. he looked to be about 5 foot tall. and he walked right up to my macintosh, took it in his arms and carried it to the boot of his familys car.

my hand was still on the car door.

as i sat there, frozen, half in disbelief, half cursing the rotten luck of a mitton, i realised one thing.

i do too much aimless driving.

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Vinyl Record Collector’s Fair !

eye of the vinyl

The Auckland Vinyl Record Collector’s Fair will take place at Polish House, Morningside this Saturday March 24.

Stalls include New Zealand vinyl and music posters and plenty of vinyl including import, 60s, rare, dance, reggae and many other styles. 

The event also has stalls selling turntables & accessories.

The venue is the Polish House Hall, 1 McDonald St, on the corner of Ethel Road, off Sandringham Road, opposite Eden Park.

The fair runs from 10am to 3pm. There is a $2 entry fee.

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two do


Here at the Magic Cauldron, Shenanigans & Mittins have decided to expand. Like some friendly underpants in the winter.

We are going to start posting interviews with people that we like, from all over the land !

It is now our job to find some people that we like. And that will want to talk to us.

I think I’m going to start by approaching Wing to see if she will talk to me. I have always enjoyed watching and listening to Wing, and I think she is a strong lady. The fact is, she reminds me of myself when I pretend to be her.

I am also hoping that we get to interview some overseas artists. But I will cast a spell and see what happens. The overseas people are very important people, and have accents and the imperial system to worry about. They may not see the value in speaking to Shenanigans or myself. Or Shenanigans.

Mitties x

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welcome to the magic cauldron !


hallo everybady ! it is me, mittins. welcome to our new cauldron page. i am making it begin. shenanigans will be so proud.

here we are going to put all sorts of things up like playlists, recipes, reviews, interviews, secrets, riddles, and stories ! so stay ready.

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