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Twins !

Tuesday 6 November was one of the most special days in Cauldron History.

Papa Shenanigans !

Shenanigans !

Here is what Mittons played on Mondays show. Thanks to everybady who texted in, called in, sent emails, and bought me coffee !

Somebody Come and Play – The Sesame Street Kids

Advice For Young Mothers To Be – The Veils

Sleep Little Baby – Threebrain

ABC-DEF-GHI – Big Bird – Sesame Street

Teach The Children – Eric B & Rakim

Take The Fruit – People Under The Stairs

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Is This Love? – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Lee & Tyler Sargent are twins!)

The Breeders

No Aloha – The Breeders (Kim & Kelley Deal are twins!)

Tegan & Sara

The Con – Tegan & Sara (Tegan & Sara are twins!)

Fetus Trackstar – Threebrain

Mum, I Love You – Leighton Smith – Happy Mothers Day 45″

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

Handle With Care – Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins (Chandra & Leigh Watson are twins!)

I’m Here For Your Daughter – The Desert Sessions

Daddy’s Baby – Cody Chesnutt

ABC (for kids) – Threebrain

I Want My Baby – Voom

Ooh Child – Nina Simone

All Aboard The Munch Bus – Munch Bunch

Thompson Twins

Hold Me Now – General Store (cover of the Thompson Twins song)

The Watson Twins

I Summon You – The Watson Twins

Love Child – Diana Ross & The Supremes

I’ve Got 2 – Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch plus everybody including Mr Hooper

I also played some other songs but I had so much on my mind I forget :/

What a wonderful day !

Aunt Mitties x



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Headlines Video !

Stop what you doing right now. Go into your private room. Shut all the blinds. Turn off the lights. Get out a cloth and wipe your screen until it is shiny and clean.

It is The Spice Girls brand new video !

The Spice Girls reunion has given me a new lease on life. Thank you Spice Girls ! Thank you !

A few notes on each Spice Girl:

1. Baby Spice is all up in this song and video like she is the new leader of the group. This pleases me. Baby is so grownsed up it makes me want to run up a whole lot of stairs, taking two or three at a time in sheer enthusiasm.

2. Ginger has almost no top on. She knows she cannot compete in the boobs, so she is all about the stomach. I find it hard to comment on Ginger as I am still mid-way through her autobiography ‘If Only’. Ginger is so human to me right now !

3. Posh is the boobs. I was relieved to see the others let her sing some lines in the song. Imagine if Posh could sing really good? She would disrupt the entire balance of the group and this reunion wouldn’t be happening. So be thankful. You do your best Posh. You must be very exhausted.

4. Scary took the biggest back seat in this video, and it makes me like her more. I am glad you didn’t rock totally straight hair in this video Scary. That is not what Spice Girls is about. You need to give up the weed though Scary, all you did was lie on the floor in the whole clip laughing ! I almost expected to see you start snacking on a bag of potato crisps or a late-night kebab.

5. Things have changed for Sporty. She was not allowed to do high kicks or wear trackpants in this video. Also, over the past few years Sporty has become black clothed and fringe-wearing. Is she lonely? Something is troubling me about her. But I was very glad to see her signature face-to-side eyes-to-camera was still as powerful as it always was. There is something magical about Sporty, but I cannot help but wonder if Sporty is ready for this Spice Girls reunion.

Finally, I am hearing rumours about The Spice Girls coming to visit me in my home-land.

I have in the past stated that if this becomes true, I will clone myself one hundred times so I can fill the crowd with myself. I will also find a way to reach them and cry infront of them. That will be the original me though, not the clones. Afterwards I could sell the clones of myself on the internet !

I suppose we will wait and see how it goes. But my insides are happy just thinking about it.

Mitties x x


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Convoy !


Convoy is Back !

Fleet FM, home to The Magic Cauldron, has announced the next Convoy ! Friday 9 November at Space Bar !

The last two Convoys have been super rad goodys, forreals. Mittins & Shenanigans ran the back bar at Space and got to be in charge of alcohol and money ! And then at the last Convoy, Shenanigans got to be on the door – and people were forced to engage with him ! Forced ! Oh, plus at Space Bar we found a wallet, a passport, and some prescription lenses. We will bring them to this Convoy. Sorry if you haven’t been able to leave the country in the meantime. Or buy anything, or see anything :/

So who is playing at the Convoy ?



Tommy Ill


Teen Wolf




Surf City


T Bones


Moron Says What


The Randoms


Mr. Hayday


Mean St


Benka Borodovsky Bordello Band


Golden Axe


and more :O

Convoy is only $10 and it raises the money that keeps Fleet FM on air. Presales will be at Real Groovy Records as of next week ! Get in early ! There is also going to be karaoke with special guests :O and for the bargain-hunter in you, prepare to pay only ten dollars for three beers ! yes, you heard right, but with your eyes – ten dollars for three bottles of beer ! you will get lots of kisses at the convoy with these prices !

Get ready for good times, and tell us you are coming to the convoy ! It may be the best thing that ever happened to you.


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The Con !

The Con

Sitting upright in my bedroom headquarters, I wondered where will I find something to bring me joy and a good emotion?

Not moments later did I come across the latest video release from my absolute favourite twins (until yours arrive) Tegan & Sara. Their most current album, The Con, is just the best album I have heard in a long long time. Even though the songs from the album are wonderful on their own, I think the best way to appreciate what Tegan & Sara have created is by listening to the entire album, in order, from start to finish. It is proper. And rewarding !

The Con is the second single from the album, The Con :O Buy the album !


‘The Con’ directed by Suzie Vlcek

But if only they would pay a visit to our lovely townland. Tegan & Sara are currently in the midst of their tour, which does not include visiting The Magic Cauldron :/


Mittons x x

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Them Spice Girls brand new song Headlines has been leaked. It were meant to be released next month but nah. You can listen to it here :

I, Mittins, do not like this song. I said it ! When Ginger talked about how great this song was going to be, why did I believe her?

“It’s a Spice Girls classic,” Geri announced on the televison. “It feels like it’s taking something from the past, you feel that flavour, but then it’s moving on. It’s a big love song.”

“Emma and I initially worked on it with the original writers that we used to collaborate with,” she told the televison, and me. “Then the other girls chipped in later, adding lyrics. It’s magical. I am so proud of it.”

Oh Ginger. You even used the word magical ! I want to cuddle you but then slap you, and then run a bath for you, and then scrunch up my face at you, and then exfoliate my elbows.

“Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” is this year’s official Children In Need anthem and is released digitally on November 5 and on CD two weeks later. Maybe this song will grow on me, but for now I will bask in the below. Perhaps I was expecting The Spice Girls comeback to be a little something like this.


New Kids on the Block – Tonight

p.s. now I even heard that the music video shoot went bad. who is the bad seed that is turning these once-besties into brawlers?

Mitton x x

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The Gossip R Coming !

the gossip small !

It pleases Mittons to report that The Gossip are scheduled to play in our fair town-land in December of this year. With support from The Hories and The Coolies ! They will also play in Wellington. I bet this is so Helen Clark can see them twice !

Auckland – Sunday 9th December – The Kings Arms.

Wellington – I aint know. Maybe they will play in the Beehive !

You can buy your tickets from Fast & Loose (+64 9 309 9063) or Real Groovy.

I’m so excited I’m going to have to prepare my bladder. In the meantime, here is their new video for ‘Jealous Girls’ the third single from their brilliant album ‘Standing In The Way of Control’.

Jealous Girls by The Gossip. Director Unknown.

To celebrate and mark this occasion, The Magic Cauldron is going to secure an interview with someone. It might be Beth Ditto, or it might be someone that looks like her, if we are forced to not be allowed to speak with or go near Beth Ditto. It all depends on how much we can be goodys and try really hard at succeeding. Fortunately I have a life coach, and Shenanigans has a five o clock shadow, but we will keep everybady informed of our efforts and progress, just to be safe.

Check out The Gossip website here and their MySpace here. Also yay for The Hories ! And The Coolies ! Good choice of bands, chooser of bands !


Mitties x x x


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Inappropriate News.

it is mittins here, with something to tell everybady. Tina Yothers has given birth, to a baby.


yes this yothers !

some of you may have read my review of yothers self help book ‘being your best: a guide for girls’.

it would be foolish to downplay the impact this book has had on my life. from my hair to down there. if it had not been for this book my phone manner would be poorly, and i would have matched polkadots with stripes :/ i would never have learned how to maintain.

if you ever want to be your best, this is the book to show you how.

being your best !

regardless of the above, must tina yothers give birth, to a baby? is it appropriate?

i do not think so !



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