here is some of our secrets.

1)  when i was a young boy, i had an invisible girlfriend who lived inside a small hillock, up the road from the family estate. she was called ‘rasp’, with dirty blonde hair, no doubt from fashioning the rough walls of her dwelling. this is as true as i sit here and blush, recounting such a silly episode in one’s life. i even tried to call her once on the payphone outside my house (we were poor and couldn’t afford a real telephelone), but i couldn’t remember the number…

2) shenanigans and mittins saw carly bindings boob ! at the music awards. carly binding was there too. and she shares a birthday with shenanigans. also, really mittins saw the side of the boob. shenanigans also claims to have seen the side of the boob. later mittins saw book faser !

3) here is a secret of time saving. when you get out of the shower in the morning, apply your deoderant first, then put on your socks, then put on your underpants, then put on your lower garments, and leave your top garments for last. this always works, dont ask me why.

4) one of us owns a collection of tv guides, circa mid 1990s. can you guess who? :O

5) Mittins 1991 diary lists her favourite songs for the first few months of the year !

january  ‘because i love you’ by stevie b.

february ‘unchained melody’ by the righteous brothers.

march ‘here comes the hammer’ by mc hammer.

all time favourite movie is ‘ghost’ and ‘house party’ (i couldn’t choose)

if i could invite 6 people to dinner they would be

1.river phoenix 2.whoopi goldberg 3.martin luther king 4.chuck d 5.fresh prince jazzy jeff.

the person i most admire is young MC

what i would change in the world is peace, no saddam hussein.

peace to 1991

5 responses to “Secrets

  1. Jeremy

    This diary is a touching insight into the heart and mind of Mittins.

    By comparison, Anne Frank’s one is quite self-indulgent.
    ‘Oooh… the nazi’s want to kill me’
    Yeah! Well what about me Anne Frank? What about me?

  2. romi41

    LOL, I LOVED reading your secrets, it was so thrilling to find people who are AT LEAST as odd as me 🙂 Shenanigans…was that YOUR invisible girlfriend, or Mittins’? (sorry, it’s still hard to figure out if both of you are dudes, or if one is a girl…is that horrible? Well SORRY, there’s no pictures, and you’re both very evasive!) So ANYWAY, whoever it was, I’m sorry that “Rasp” never ended up being there for you; it’s a shame you tried to call her on a payphone; did you get as far as dialing a fake number?

  3. hello romi.. i’m glad you liked our secrets so much old cork! do you have any that you would like to share with us?? please say yes!
    for the record, rasp was my old girlfriend, if i can call her that, seeing as she was never there for me.. some girlf, right? pfff…
    because of that i’ve tried to forget most about that period in my life, but if i think hard, i’m sure i forgot her number cos i was calling to prove to some of the neighbourhood toughs that she was real, no doubt after i was bragging about how hot she was and how i pinched her bottom.. i think i got away with it as well, ‘cos after that incident i was the one they came to to discuss girls and stuff.

    p.s. i can confirm that the young mittins you talk of is of the lady persuassion. you are right, we are very evasive, but justly so, ‘cos the law is on our tails (for a crime, we so obviously didn’t commit)…

  4. romi41

    I’m so glad your fake-girlfriend saga ended up on a positive note—it must have been so satisfying to give un-informed dating advice to toughs who didn’t know any better;-)

    My secrets eh? Well I’ll have to start with a small one: when I was about 7 or 8, I wanted so badly to have LONG hair (at this point my hair was very short, because my mom had recently chopped it off after I’d caught some vicious head lice….horrible..that’s enough of a secret eh?)…ANY-HOO, I kept imagining what it would be like to have LONG hair, so when I was alone in my room, I would take a pair of track pants, put them on my head, and I would twirl around while the pant legs swayed to and fro, and that’s what I imagined it would feel like to have really long hair…

    WOW, I have never told anyone that; this felt like a breakthrough therapy session, haha 🙂

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