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hugging it out

they say it is better to be late than never. i’m not so sure. for example i’d prefer to never go to my own funeral than be late for it. but there you go. this is a playlist that has been in the draft folders for ages. last thursday (20th sept oh7), jazzrod, mittins and me, shananigans, went to the fleet studio and brought all our favorite music storage devices, including CDs, cassettes and records. and for two hours we played, danced and drank some fine beers. and then we drank some heinekens! and there was some very good hugging going on too. we even had a three way hug! i for one had never indulged in such an activity, but had read all about it on the tinternet and now know what all the hype is about. so, here you can listen and below is the belated playlist..

pink cow

  • cherchez la ghost – ghostface killah

  • the jam – krs one feat. shabba ranks

  • let the rhythm hit them – erik b & rakim

  • atlas – battles

  • running up that road [ashley beedle rmx] – kate bush

  • chris chana – wagon christ

  • the watcher – dr dre

  • turf dancing – dj shadow feat. animaniacs

  • vybz cartel

  • twin peaks fire walk with me – fantomas

  • passion for fashion – we smoke fags

  • making you all mine – clor

  • tonto – battles

  • poor innocent boys – cazals

  • all is full of love – death cab for cutie

  • floorplan – tegan & sara

  • us placers – crs

  • young, gifted and black – the gaylads

  • second migration – king kapisi

  • check on it – beyonce samuel remix

  • we dont exist – meat puppets

  • ain’t saying my goo – er.. dunno//

  • are u that somebody – the gossip


better late than never

p.s. hurrah for the mittins return!



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tee for one

it was a lonely cauldron this week; shenanigans stirring solo until quite weak. but there was a silver cloud on the horizon in the form of a great green hype machine tee-shirt, ordered ages ago from stalwarts the hype machine. when living in aotearoa it takes about three months for letters and spam to get here, cos not many ships pass by this way. but oh the joy is physical when such goodies arrive. it’s like christmas. and there was what proved to be a lovely hand written missive from the poster and packer in amoungst the parcel, something like: ‘dear shenanigans, thanks for the order. you rock. and we also hear great things about your radio show, keep up the good work and don’t let that mittins steal your thunder!‘ ahem.

my new tee

so to the show. yesterdays that is. many apols dear readers for the late registration (a ha!), and soarse postings in general but what with the multiple babies and the many public appearences mittins and i must make in this month makes it difficult to keep these pages so fresh and so clean. but we will soon return in fullness! in the meantime listen here for yesterdays show. despite being on me jack, it was a great show cos i loved the music and just love fleet! look below at the gem littered playlist:

  • someone to love – kaiyanji anandji
  • reanimation – blackalicious
  • the quickening – latyrx
  • resurrection – common (large prof mix)
  • driving me wild – common feat. Lily allen
  • homecoming – kanye west feat. chris martin
  • woman of the ghetto – hortense ellis
  • stepping out of babylon – michael rose
  • weapon conflict – sierre leone refugee all stars
  • king of the jungle – jah cure feat. Sizzla
  • john hardy – leadbelly
  • meri ankhon ko bakhshe hainaansoo – shahen shah
  • little boxes – regina spektor
  • business time [dj weekend’s team building reworking] – FOTC
  • ah ha – charlie ash
  • a cause des garcon – yelle
  • now you know – attica blues
  • stankina – adi sappir
  • trouble, heartaches & sadness – ann peebles
  • jesus is waiting – al green
  • children don’t get weary – booker t & the MGs
  • after the laughter comes tears – wendy rene
  • tearz – wu tang clan
  • baltimore oriole – lorez alexandra
  • the way we lived – wax tailor feat. Sharon jones
  • stay with me – sharon tandy

i heart rianna




thanks to lauren who alerted us to this great clip on yoo toobe.. some wee kiddies covering seven nation army.. cheers lauren, we love the white stripes and we love kids, but never in a million aeons would have imagined they would go together so well!



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nicing up tha riddim

it’s always a pleasure to take over the studio after TMC goodfriend GeorgeC. he leaves it so very tidy and often offers me a crafty beer.. a true gentleman in every sense of the word. and you just know he was brought up proper. also, it was george who introduced me, your 1 shenanigans, to the murkey world of FleetFM, for it was on his show ‘Nice Up Da Riddim’ that i cut my first radio teeth. and i’ve never looked back. especially not in anger. 5-7 onna thursday, you will find geo cranking out all manner of dub, reggae and chillness. you should defo check it out! so as it was in the begining, it is now. i looked after the fleet waves on me lonesome last night, and it was all good. especially when yr mittin rang in! well. i had a whole bunch of fresh tunes i’d scoured from the internet and had a merry time. you can listen here. et voila! le playlist:

brass monkey


  • momma momma – betty barney
  • work song – nina simone
  • soul rebel – bob marlel (afrodisiac sound system remix]
  • michael jackson – the mitchell brothers
  • country boy – charlie ace
  • rebel without a pause – public enemy
  • loose ends – sergio mendez feat. JT paroahe monch will i am
  • the way we lived – wax taylor wiv sharon jones
  • icky thunp – white stripes [hostage mix]
  • sirens coming- dizzy rascal [villa diamante]
  • asian bride magazine – jahcoozi
  • sweet dreams are made of these – vid kids
  • blisters on my brain – lo fi all stars [ david e sugar rmix]
  • straight to hell – the clash
  • paper planes – MIA feat bun b & rich boy
  • papua new guinea – future sound of london
  • malfunction – madlib
  • na leff me spliff – top cat
  • super sharp shooter – dj zinc
  • stronger- kanye west [a trak mx]
  • routine check – mitchell bros feat kano
  • forgot about dre – dre. [kraddy feckup]
  • stereotype – goldielocks
  • business time f.o.t.c. [dj weekends team building]
  • hey fuck u [glitchbitch RmX] – the beastie boys
  • 25 gun salute – gunshot
  • original nuttah – UK apache & Shy Fx
  • skream – dutch flowers [tempa]
  • rumble in the jungle ft. q tip & john forte

kia ora gc, kia ora

pie face

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if only…

.. i had a cauldron full of gold! a ha.. juss joshin’, for i know what a lovely cauldron we have. oh yes, it was a monday morn am. yesterday. and you know what time and you know what frequency where you’ll find your TMC. i, your faithful correspondent shenanigans, had a lovely ol’ time from nine till eleven with my old pal from ninja school, mittins. also, to make it extra special she wrote a splendid script full of informative wits and i gifted her a copy of Geri Halliwell’s killer autobiography If Only. and despite the weighty tome being littered with pictures of the ginger spice with boobs out (hooray for me!), mittins was delighted as it charted the rise and rise of the spice girls. and as per, we played all the newtunes that we found nifting around the ethernet and at the back of dusty old record stores, and as you’ll see some great tunes from our past.. sigh. they were good days. heck. here you can listen. and here is the playlist:

geri was always my favorite. untill baby spice showed her true colours..


  • mowtownphilly – boyz to men
  • no diggedy – blackstreet feat. old man dre
  • baltimore oriole – lorez alexandria
  • then he kissed me – the crystals
  • momma momma – betty barney
  • bossy (bamabounce remix)- kelis
  • paper planes – M.I.A feat Bun B & rich boy
  • the only one – danger mouse & jemini
  • bangers & cash – spank rock & benny blanco
  • gimme more – britney spears
  • battlecreek brawl – gunshot
  • ka mate haka – the all blacks
  • the word is out – the sugarhill gang
  • watch your mouth – wu tang clan [off the new wu LP 8 Diagrams.. find this tune here]
  • melt your heart – jenny lewis
  • insomniac olympics – blockhead
  • miss teen word power – the new pornographers
  • this is the one – the stone roses
  • dagger through the heart – dolly parton
  • the way we lived – wax tailor feat. sharon jones [X marks the spot for this treasure. start digging then!]

big love


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godspeed goodfriend

i like to think i have a good working relatonship with my computer, and i can leave it alone when i wAnt.. but it does it soak up my precious time, and let’s face it, it’s a bit 1sided really. even tho, i’ll miss my beast.. it’s like my favorite horse [unlike my mouselike mobile]. it is heading back to the techs that spawned it to eek out the last of the warrenty goodness. i’ve scratched up the HDD with all manner of rudemusic, and now it whinges like an infant when booted. i’m sort of looking forward to some off-line activities. and who knows, i may even go for a walk.. i leave these offerings to the gods of the internets for a swift return of the old warnag.


donkey doctor – 808 state

wild horses – the rolling stones

return of the hardcorejumblecarbootechnodiscoRoadshow – bently rhythm ace

plug me in – add N to (X) [check out the racy vid for this tune here if you dare..]
old man goat herder shenanigans, in better days

may the funk be with you and also with you..



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another fine mess

jarrod & shenanigans

another 1 up at fleet last night with jarrod. this must be week shenanigans. thrice i say! and nice one to those listening onlines and via the radio waves. it seems again our timing was off with the recording tho, so you’re gonna have to take my words for it that it was a killer show. check out the fresh tunes:

  • love is the solution – jah cure
  • request line refix – skream/baby cham
  • shimmy (M vogel diskotech rmx) – dirty ol’ bastard
  • move your thing (small arms fya mix) – lo tek hifi
  • when you wasn’t famous (barman version) – The Streets
  • routine check – the mitchell brothers feat. kano & mike skinner
  • Bow E3 – Wiley
  • lidl – afrikan boy
  • tempa – verb t
  • the secret tune after galang [about 4 mins in] – M.I.A.
  • Stronger [a-track remix] – kanye west
  • justice – phantom
  • stand & deliver – the real heat
  • by my side – kasabian
  • it’s business time [dj weekend mix]– fright of the conchords
  • all the same price (featuring eats tapes) – unknowns to shenans
  • tits n acid – simian mobile disco
  • not over yet – the klaxons
  • can’t remember, but it was a golden nugget
  • Ain’t Hard – sharon & the dap dips
  • what a job – devin the dude feat snoop & andre 3000
  • so fresh, so clean – outkast
  • flavour of the month- black sheep
  • today – jefferson airplane
  • jazzanova – another new day

tha merry fooligan



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how now manu chao


hey, can you hear something? it’s like a whisper, nay, a murmuring.. in maybe six or seven languages, across four or five continents.. it is a buzz which is abuilding for thelong awaited long player La Radiolina from multi-lingual euro-uberfave Manu Chao. Pegged for release on the 4th September, La Radiolina [sung in French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese & English] will be chasing the success of Manu Chao’s previous studio efforts Clandistino (1998), Proxima Estacion: Esperanza (2001) & Sibérie m’était contéee (2004), as well as a critically acclaimed live album, all of which had heads nodding and fists pumping across La Monde. And if the few tunes that have leaked their way onto the internet are anything to go by, then it will certainly be as energetic and earnest as his earlier recordings.

LP cover

forgive yourself if you are unaware of Manu Chao and/or his music, but allow me then to inform you that outside of the english speaking world, Manu Chao is nothing if not a massive musical force. Furthermore, he is some sort of post-che posterboy for that whole anti-globalisation movement thing. The epitome of the global citizen, Chao (born in Paris to spanish parents, natch), is based in beautiful Barcelona, and frequents South America, throwing considerable support behind the Mexican Zapatistas between busking sessions in Columbia. Indeed, he is politically aware and socially awake to the extent that “at the Genoa G8 summit a few years ago, the Italian government asked Chao to represent the anti-globalisation protesters. []”

mc 54

more quotage: “Manu Chao is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of Latin alternative music, which he was making as early as the 1980s as the leader of Mano Negra. His music is multilingual and broadly multicultural, blending rock, reggae, punk, ska, found sounds, and more. (via manuspaz)’

mega city four

Phew indeed, eh? What with the impending release of this album and his current tour in the US, TMC is confidant we are about to see and hear alot more from your one Manu Chao. Enough then, i think you get the point. Readers: save up yer euros for this record, cos it will be a gem. and then you can say you heard it here first! in the meantime, get up to speed with these EMM PEE FREEs and regardez this, one of the three or four video floating around for the first siren drenched single off the new LP. this, the wee TMC favorite, ‘Rainin in Paradize’ is directed by Manu Chao & artist Jacek Wozniak.




mr big fish

***ciao for now***

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aback with a slap and a tickle and a song..

hurrah! that was what the noise what that was resounding up and down symonds street this very monday morn, ‘cos the young mittins has returned from a winter wizarding school sourjoun and delighted us with her tales of merry jaunts in South Island, of which i am reliably informed more of will be known laters. if you were to ask me however, les shenanigans, i suspect she was gently asked to leave for being a particularly crafty type of gypsy, perhapaps after one of her dubious midnight missions to talk to the boys who hangout around pie window swiging ginger beer. the wee toerags.. girls today, eh? even so, it sure issuch a lovely treat to have her gracing the onesises and twosies with spankingly delicious musical choicenesses. and lo! there was a link to the said show, but no, audiosubstep is effing with our programme, so you can’t listen up, anytime anywhere [insiders inform TMC this problem will be dealt with soon as].. but lo! here is the playlist below.. and what with some killer EMM PEE FREEs tucked away in there too (for all y’all educashun, right?), you could well be considered the happiest blonde trustafarian dreadlock in all that big woolly knitty hatty thing jim jam bing bong full of them that is this fleetosphere..

back in the good old days, when a song was a song was a song

  • let the good times roll – phoebe snow

  • just one of those things – frank sinatra

  • our last song together – neil sedaka

  • sympathy – sleater kinney

  • lake of fire – the meat puppets download here!

  • a tender history in rust – do make say think

  • tony’s theme – giorgio moroder (theme from scarface)

  • pets – porno for pyros

  • i’ll be your mirror – the velvet underground

  • 90% of me is you – gwen mccrae

  • mind rain – joe chambers

  • ghostbuster generation – jahcoozi download here!

  • hate on me – jill scott free download from her myspace page!

  • desire – pharoahe monch

  • walking with a ghost – the white stripes download here!

  • you can call me al – hot club du paris

  • come and get me – frontline

  • lung collapsing lyric – percee p feat. pharoahe monch

  • urban maori – 4 corners

  • goodies [richard X rmx] – ciara feat. MIA download here (oops.. TMC is straight outta BW, try here)

  • check on it samuel remix – beyonce/skills to pay the bills you can download it at skillstopaythebills!

  • not many – scribe

  • the syndicate outta jail – hijack

  • welcome to the terrordome – public enemy

  • i can stand a little rain – esther phillips [thanks souledon]

panda poop



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what no mittlings? oh deer oh deer..

TMC went to air as scheduled today, despite the fact that mittins is in wanaka (or, as i suspect, rehab!). me, i shenanigans, picked up the baton from hobs’ breakfast show and ran and ran and ran, like a frightened deer, into the dark woods of musical mayhem. to celebrate such a noisesome show, i bought a delightful jumper from Trelise Cooper Kids. below is a close up, isn’t it just darling?! don’t tell mittins, but i might give it to her for chrissy if she gives up the sauce once and for all.. anyway, here is the much asked for link to the recording of the show (although it starts halfway in?!), and below is the playlist. it sure is a beauty.

oh deer what can the matter be

sleeve CU

and here’s a bit of the sleeve


  • It’s alright (baby’s coming back) – the eurythmics
  • love changes everything – clime fisher
  • dance music I – hare rama hare krishna OST
  • oncha sa kot – bhangrli
  • someone to love – kalyanji anadji
  • dum maro dum asha bolse & chorus
  • paper planes – M.I.A.
  • you tink you’re fit – the streets feat. Kano etc etc
  • wawaba [radioclit rmx] – buraka som sistema
  • shake the doom [kraddy rmx] – jahcoozi
  • ridin batman [clean] – v.i.c feat. hurricane chris
  • deceptacon [DFA rmx] – le tigra
  • je veux te voir [club club version] – yelle
  • ironie [blende rmx] – seduction
  • why don’t we do it in the road – the beatles
  • word up – scary spice
  • back in your head – tegan & sara
  • sitting on my sofa – the kinks
  • dreaming of you – the coral
  • armegeddon time – the clash
  • marijuana sensi persicution – richie spice feat. buju banton
  • you don’t love me (no no no) – rhianna feat. vybz cartel
  • pon di edge – busy signal
  • buss it up – kano feat. vybz cartel
  • true skool [sway mix] – coldcut feat. roots manuva
  • temper temper – rodney p
  • i against i – massive attack & mos def
  • forget about dre [kraddy RMX] – ol’ doc dre
  • kildigger kitty – copyfokking

goody goody gumdrops

tow truck mo fo



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