The Curse of the Ugly Race

fanfic corner : the curse of the ugly race

the curse of the ugly race – by mittins.

one day upon a time, changler went to the cafe to get a coffee. but, when he got there there was no coffee beans left ! oh no ! he had to leave and go to a different cafe. but when he got there, there was ugly people in the cafe ! “oh my god !” changler said. “what is this race of aliens?” it was the race of uglies. and they came to find changler and his friends and d-e-s-t-r-o-y them all. they took changler into the restroom and put bees on his face. the bees ate away at his face until it was looking like a intricate piece of braile.

later that evening, at monicas apasrtment, phoeobe and joey was eating a pizza. the pizza was special, made of babies, to make them pretty and youthfful. also, joey was laugfing and pheone was playing a gatar. monica was cleaning. hahaha ! those friends.

the doorbell rang and it changler. :O oh dear god ! he was U-G-L-Y ! monica squaled in fright ! but it was too late. changler belong to the race of uglies now. he took monica and cut her nose off ! then he covered her face in sticky hot tar and cooked an egg on it.

joey ran for the door. but changler had a bag of old fat. it was a bag so big, like it came from a factory. he threw it on joey and all the fat congealed onto joey until he couldnt run anymore ! he was stuck inside of it ! like a big pound of butter.

the only way for joey to escape was to eat his way out of the fat. joey did it. but now joey was too fat inside and he died of a haat attack !

pheoebe ran out of the window and looked down at the street below. it was too far to jump. but she didnt want to be ugly. so she cried a bit. suddenly she turned around and there was monica ! she was a race of the uglies too now. pheoebe said “monica you are ugly !” and then monica hit her with a block of wood.

later that evening racherl came home from bloomingdales. what a day ! she felt like she was the most pretty of them all, even though she had not eaten any babies for a day or two. she fixed herself a long isaldn iced tea and mused over the days events.



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  1. Great! Now i know how they should end “Friends”…