win prizes !

You could be in to win a brandn new copy of The Kills album ‘No Wow’ !

there ain't no wow now !

All you has to do is one of the following ..

a. write a new chaptar of our ongoing saga ‘Galoff & The Three Daughters !’ You can read it here

b. submit a poem to our poetry corner here


c. think of something else equally as clever and put it on our website !

mittins and shenanigans will judge the winnar. judges decision is final !

this compatition is for new zealanders only… until we sort out how to send things over watar.

let the festivities begin !


3 responses to “Competitions

  1. M

    Halo!!! I love the Magic C its clever…

  2. M

    i think the blonde character looks like yothers!

  3. oh this looks fun when I have time I will try my hand at this except my hand is so twisted I’ll try to turn it in another direction a bit.

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