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The Bomb !

Nathan from The Gossip

Nathan from The Gossip ! Live at Kings Arms Auckland 09.Dec.07

Last night I went to see The Gossip play live at The Kings Arms. I could not describe this experience to you completely. It was the most captivating concert I have been to this century. To be honest, I wonder if The Gossip cast a very powerful spell over me.

Hannah from The Gossip

Hannah from The Gossip ! Live at Kings Arms Auckland 09.Dec.07

From the opening performances by The Hories and then The Coolies, the people gathered at The Kings Arms were hype. It reminded Mitton of being at a childrens birthday party. All the faces I saw were wide eyed with anticipation. Girls everywhere was giggling. It was not because of too much lemonade either. By the time The Gossip took to the stage, you would have sworn there was a lolly scramble about to take place.

Beth from The Gossip

Beth from The Gossip ! Live at Kings Arms Auckland 09.Dec.07

Nathans guitar and Hannahs drum kit must be married in music-land. My hands are too little to play the guitar, but when my headache goes away I am going to become a drummer. I could never be tired of listening to them play and to think that there will soon be a new album with another evolution of their sound is super exciting for my ears, and for 2008 in music. I will always have time to drink some margaritas and dance to their sound, with or without a vocalist. But.

If ever there was a Pied Piper to lead these Auckland children from pretension, her name would be Beth Ditto. It has been a long time since I have seen an Auckland crowd lose their cool, but it happened before my very eyes, from the moment Beth Ditto began to sing. Her voice was heart-breaking ! Her energy was a million times that of Richard Simmons ! Her jokes was mad funny !

We should all grow up to be a little bit like Beth Ditto.

That night, I walked out of The Kings Arms with a full heart. I felt happy and sad. I felt like a little seed of energy had been placed inside of me to help me grow. But I also wanted a time machine, immediately. I wanted to see it all over again.

Later, I realised if I had a time machine, I could also do other things with it. Like my cousin said I could go and invest in IBM. Or I could go back in time and not watch Boys on the Side. I think my first stop in the time machine would still be The Kings Arms on that Sunday night. Thank you, The Gossip. I hope you come back soon. You can borrow my time machine, if I get one.

The Gossip Live in Liverpool

This morning on Fleet I struggled to play anything other than what I heard last night, but you can have a listen here and if nothing else, roll your eyes at my inability to articulate like a proper growns up. May I also recommend you go to your local record store and pick up the new release of The Gossip Live in Liverpool ! I have been listening to it today, and so far it does not compare to what I heard last night. Ha ha. If you snooze, then you lose.


Back in the Saddle – Gene Autry

Made U Look – Nas

The Bomb – L7

Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths

Are U That Somebody – The Gossip

Everything is Everything – Lauryn Hill

Rock Wit U – DJ Jazzy Jeff

Somethings Jumpin In Your Shirt – Malcolm McClaren

Go Fer Your Funk – Parliament

Yr Mangled Heart – The Gossip

Disco Peril – Kittyhawk

Motownphilly – Boyz II Men

Worst Comes To Worst – Dilated Peoples

Don’t You Pay Them No Mind – Nina Simone

Are U That Somebody – Aaliyah

Here I Come – The Roots

Careless Whisper – The Gossip

Silver Lining – Rilo Kiley

Mitties x x


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Mittins Magical Blast !

dj mittins

Hallo. It is me – Mitton. I had a lot of fun this morning on Fleet FM.

1. I danced like Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block.

2. I clapped my hands and listened to Hobs sing The Smiths.

3. I met Fleet Kid and talked with Professor Santos about girls. He wants one, and I’m going to help him.

If you would like to listen to todays show click here ! And you can read with your eyes todays playlist, below.

Good Morning Starshine – Oliver

Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now – The Smiths

Last Nite – The Strokes

Silver Lining – Rilo Kiley

Profile – The Usual Suspects

Those That’s Bout It – GZA & DJ Muggs

The Mask – Dangerdoom feat. Ghostface Killah

Here Comes The Hammer – MC Hammer

Round & Round – Hi-Tek feat. Jonell

Careless Whisper – The Gossip

Race: In – Battles

The Wind Cries Mary – Jimi Hendrix

The Long & Winding Road – The Langley Schools Music Project

No Real Reality – Voom

Hangin’ Around – Anika Moa

Streets of Laredo – Marty Robbins

Awesome Feeling – Disasteradio

Big Time Sensuality – Bjork

Girl Talk – TLC

Get Back – P-Money feat. Con Psy & PNC

Where I’m From – Hi-Tek feat. Jinx Da Juvy

New Worship – Sebadoh

Daddy’s Home – Cliff Richard

Pompino’s Magical Blast – The DHDFDs

Drive – The Veils

Dancing In The Dark (live) – Tegan & Sara

Rawhide – Frankie Laine

Respiration – Black Star

Listen. If you would like to receive romantic love from Professor Santos, email me at, or a leave a comment below. Professor is very handsome and romantic. He is passionate, he can cook and he wants a very large family, soon. Also, he never learned how to love himself, down there.

Mitties x


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say hello to my little friend(s)

it’s been a very happy week indeed, dear and patient readers. as the good mittins mentioned (and she is good, she gifted us with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers you could imagine..!), there are two new shenanigrams scuttling round the place now, with last week’s arrival of my beautiful daughters. yes, two of the cheeky monkeys! which is apt, cos the make lots of number twos.. needless to say the are simply delightful creaures, with all the best bits of me (charm, wit and ninja sharp haggling abilities) and all the best bits of their mummy (lovely eyesies and pretty noses and unrefined sugars and exotic spices).. look below, you will see. the top one is asha lily, born two minutes before her identical big little sister, arabella (grace). sigh. arent they lovely? i’m one happy shenanigans alright, and full of love for these offspring of mine. i can tell, i haven’t shoplifted for ages!

asha lily & arabella

so, yesterdays cauldron i was all a-solo, and decided to dedicate it to my new fave girls! you will note lots of wise and beautiful tunes that i wish had been played to me when i was an infant. lots have wisdom and some just sheer beauty. maybe next week i will have another show for them, why not?! you can listen to the broadgramme here, and if you cast your glance downwards, you will see the tracklisty listy..


  • skies are for flying – Conan & the mockasins
  • ruby tuesday – los checkmates
  • come to daddy – the dillenger escape plan (aphex twin cover)
  • johnny b goode – peter tosh
  • illegal gunshot – the ragga twins
  • johnny b goode – peter tosh
  • let your light shine on me – abbot lighthouse choice
  • lean on me – beth orton & terry callier
  • here comes the sun – nina simone
  • don’t let me be misunderstood – santa esmeralda
  • somebody to love – the ramones
  • i got to love somebody’s baby – judy clay
  • somebody’s gonna love you – alice russel feat. Quantic soul orchestra
  • somebody to love – al wilson
  • goin’ up yonder – walter hawkins
  • beautiful babies – plant life
  • jesus wants me for a sunbeam – the vaselines
  • miss my lion – scout niblett
  • california soul – marvin gaye & tammi terrell
  • after the laughter comes tears – wendy rene

lots of love and hugs

daddygans, asha lily & arabella


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Twins !

Tuesday 6 November was one of the most special days in Cauldron History.

Papa Shenanigans !

Shenanigans !

Here is what Mittons played on Mondays show. Thanks to everybady who texted in, called in, sent emails, and bought me coffee !

Somebody Come and Play – The Sesame Street Kids

Advice For Young Mothers To Be – The Veils

Sleep Little Baby – Threebrain

ABC-DEF-GHI – Big Bird – Sesame Street

Teach The Children – Eric B & Rakim

Take The Fruit – People Under The Stairs

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Is This Love? – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Lee & Tyler Sargent are twins!)

The Breeders

No Aloha – The Breeders (Kim & Kelley Deal are twins!)

Tegan & Sara

The Con – Tegan & Sara (Tegan & Sara are twins!)

Fetus Trackstar – Threebrain

Mum, I Love You – Leighton Smith – Happy Mothers Day 45″

Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins

Handle With Care – Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins (Chandra & Leigh Watson are twins!)

I’m Here For Your Daughter – The Desert Sessions

Daddy’s Baby – Cody Chesnutt

ABC (for kids) – Threebrain

I Want My Baby – Voom

Ooh Child – Nina Simone

All Aboard The Munch Bus – Munch Bunch

Thompson Twins

Hold Me Now – General Store (cover of the Thompson Twins song)

The Watson Twins

I Summon You – The Watson Twins

Love Child – Diana Ross & The Supremes

I’ve Got 2 – Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch plus everybody including Mr Hooper

I also played some other songs but I had so much on my mind I forget :/

What a wonderful day !

Aunt Mitties x


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xanadu (take two after meals)

Gosh. golly gosh. It has been, like, forever since i have posted anything. So, how have you been? Oh, good good.. me? Oh i’m bearing up, all things considered.. you know how it is..

anyway, let us cut to the chase. me and mittins made a radio show yesterday and it was a rather grand occasion. We played these rather lovely tunes and gossed and gassed until we could no more.. and i promised i would post! and look.. here i am, posting..

before i post the playlist tho, may i suggest that NZ based musicologists weave and wend their weary way to the record collectors fair this weekend? it’ll be spinning Saturday November 3rd and will take place at 1 McDonald St, Morningside. be there or be a squire!

record fair


  • It’s not me babe – Johnny cash
  • poison ivy – the rolling story
  • love is like a butterfly – dolly pardon
  • space children – labelle
  • fool country – olivia newton john
  • he hit me (it felt like a kiss)- the crystals
  • jeremiah 1 – scribe
  • knockin’ boots – candyman
  • lidl – afrikan boy
  • rawhide – frankie laine
  • the rhinohead [pilooski edit] – von sudenfed
  • careless whisper – the gossip
  • we used to be friends – the dandy warhols
  • headlines – the spice girls
  • no diggety – the klaxons
  • say it again – scribe feat. tyra hammond
  • turn it up – opensouls
  • while my guitar gently weeps – the wu tang clan

love and hugs





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Goodbye My Friend

josie !

Mittins had to farewell a long-time bestie over the weekend.

Josie The Goody spent three weeks in our fair townland, and brought with her all the joys of the world. Now she has returned to Londontown, our townland mourns her departure. As Alyx The Clever commented “the colors of the world don’t seem so bright today.” That is truht Alyx, that is truht. On todays show with special guest Nik The Greek, songs were played of our deep inside feelings. You can listen here but make sure you have a tissue handy !

Rainy Days and Mondays – Wing – Wing Sings the Carpenters

Bye Bye – Sean Price feat. Buckshot – Monkey Barz

You Cant Go Home Again – DJ Shadow – The Private Press

Let’s – Slum Village – Trinity-Past, Present, Future

So This Is Goodbye – Junior Boys – So This Is Goodbye

Porchlight – Neko Case & Her Boyfriends – Furnace Room Lullaby

Hop A Plane – Tegan & Sara – The Con

You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go – Bob Dylan – Blood on the Tracks

Way Out West – Big Star – Radio City

Diamond Sea (live and acoustic) – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Get Back pt. II – Hi Tek (feat. Talib Kweli & DCQ) – Hi-Teknology

Come Back Home – Copperpot (feat. KRS One)

Gone Daddy Gone – Gnarls Barkley – St Elsewhere

Do What You Gotta Do – Nina Simone – Released

I’m Leaving Forever – Voom – Hello, Are You There?

Lonely Comin Down – Dolly Parton – Jolene

Cant Stand Losing – The Police – Outlandos d’Amour

24 Hours from Tulsa – Gene Pitney – Backstage

No Ones Leaving – Janes Addiction – Ritual De Lo Habitual

Dancing in the Storm – Boom Crash Opera – These Here Are Crazy Times

Missing You – John Waite – No Brakes

Please Dont Go Girl – New Kids On The Block

By The Grace of God – Jimmy Barnes – Love & Fear

The Devil Rides Out (remix) – Fantomas – The Directors Cut

Train from Kansas City -Neko Case – The Tigers Have Spoken

Josie – Kris Kristofferson – Border Lord

Storytime – Talks with Sizzle & Nana

Goodbye My Friend (Il Cittadino Si Ribe)- Guido & Mario de Angelis – Beretta 70

Against All Odds – Phil Collins – Against All Odds

I Miss You – David Ruffin – David Ruffin

So Far Away – Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing

Distance Equals Rate Times Time- The Pixies – Trompe Le Monde

My Way Home – Kanye West feat. Common – Late Registration

Up Where We Belong – Joe Cocker & Jennifer Warnes – An Officer and A Gentleman

Goodbye – The Spice Girls – Forever

A big thank you one of my other long-time besties Nana x x Remember to tune in next Monday from 9-11am (Cauldron-Time, check the world clock here) for the next installment of The Magic Cauldron ! Promise it won’t be as glum :/

Mitties x x


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Subterranean Homesick Mittin


Thursday just passed, Mitties did some time-out at Fleet FM. Away from the boys, away from the gypsies, away from the problems of the world ! You can listen to it here.

Make You Feel That Way – Blackalicious

Subterranean Homesick Alien – Radiohead

No – Threebrain

A Guy is A Guy – Doris Day

That Teenage Feeling – Neko Case

Venus as a Boy – Bjork

Happy Just Bumming Around – Voom

Rawhide – Frankie Laine

Connection – Elastica

Robot Hero – Threebrain

Exit Only – Fugazi

Are You Experienced? – Patti Smith

Watermelon Man – Herbie Hancock

My Philosophy – KRS-One

I Wanna Sex You Up – Color Me Badd

Walk The Walk, Spit The Spit – Thirstin Howl III

Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On- Hank Locklin

Portions For Foxes – Rilo Kiley

The Auctioneer – Leroy Van Dyke

99 Problems – Jay-Z

1970 somethin’ – Notorious BIG feat Faith & The Game

Ill Be Your Mirror – Velvet Underground

Love Love Love – Donny Hathaway

The Windmills of Your Mind – Dusty Springfield

Oil – Threebrain

I Get The Sweetest Feeling – Jackie Wilson

Tired of Sex – Weezer

Weeeee ! – Threebrain

mittins is an elf

M i t t i e s x x

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Auckland Is Burning

sky tower

John Banks has become Mayor of our Town.

Somebody Come and Play – Sesame Street

Wide Open Road – Johnny Cash

Bridging the Gap – Nas feat. Olu Dara

Money Changes Everything – Cyndi Lauper

Six Day Walk – Colonel Bagshot

Is There A Ghost – Band of Horses

After Laughter Comes Tears – Wendy Rene

Lean on Me – Beth Orton and Terry Callier

I Can’t Take It – Tegan & Sara

Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case

Everybodys Gone To The Moon – Nina Simone

Don’t Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes

Putting On The Ritz

Auckland Is Burning – Die! Die! Die!

White Light, White Heat – The Velvet Underground

I Missed The Bus (remix)- Kriss Kross

Life From The PJs – Black Thought, Ghostface, & The Xecutioners

Cant Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West feat. Young Jeezy

Dont Say Nothing (Valiant Remix) – The Roots

Why You Wanna – T.I.

North American Scum – LCD Soundsystem [kris menace rmx]

Listen to the entire show here ! 

cat is a goody !

Finally, at Fleet we farewelled Cat, a great hugger and smiler and music player ! She is going to other places to learn about music. Thanks for being our friendliest friend !

x x x

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The Art of Easing

hallo !

I, Mitties, did the show by my own self again this week ! Every time I play my strength increases by 2 points and my wisdom by 3 points.

Here is what I did, in order of when I did it :

Lonely Comin’ Down – Dolly Parton
You Can Call Me Al – Hot Club De Paris
Ya Playin Yaself – Jeru The Damaja
Sound of Da Police – KRS One
Brat – Die! Die! Die!
No Wow – The Kills
BBC Blues – Motocade
In Dreams – Roy Orbison
Dreams – The Game
Hypothermia – Threebrain
Heard Em Say – Kanye West feat. Adam Levine
Turn It Up – Opensouls
U Know Whats Up – Donnell Jones
Crazy Butt – Sound Advice
What’s Up Fatlip? – Fatlip
Fu-Gee-La – The Fugees
Storytime : ‘I Knew These People’ – from the ‘Paris, Texas’ Motion Picture Soundtrack
Wild Is The Wind – Nina Simone
Bring It On Home To Me – The Animals
This Is Your Last Chance To Be Famous – The Mint Chicks
Dark Lines – The Gossip
Heaven – Nas
The Art of Easing – Digable Planets
Definition – Black Star
Naked Eye – Luscious Jackson
Bees – The Hungry Eyes
Shook Ones Pt II (Frankenstein remix) – Mobb Deep
Suicide Is Painless – Lady & Bird
Honey Honey – Feist

holy moly !

My friend Cat does the show after The Magic Cauldron every second week. Her strengths are : hugs and smiles and good music. On the 11th of October she is playing at Khuja Lounge ! Everybady must go and see her. She is a goody ! Go to Khuja Lounge to see details in the next few days.

sleep well,

mitties x


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Mittins She Wrote.

to mittins, with love, angela x

Yesterday I played on the radio all by myself. Shenanigans had to go get the sex change ! Here is what I played :

Murder She Wrote Theme Song – John Addison II
Bees – The Hungry Eyes
I Missed The Bus – Kriss Kross
Don’t Say Nuthin – The Roots
Boyz (Diplo Remix) – M.I.A (feat. Battles & Akon)
Clan in the Front – Wu Tang Clan
Got Ur Self A Gun – Nas
Love is Strange – Mickey & Sylvia
The World Has Turned And Left Me Here – Weezer
Is There A Ghost – Band of Horses
Gimme More – Britney Spears
When No One Cares – Junior Boys
What You Know About That – T.I.
Hold On, Hold On – Neko Case
Flo Me La – Nina Simone
Urban Maori – 4 Corners
Babylon Burning The Ghetto – Lethal Bizzle
Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos – Public Enemy
Georgia.. Bush – Lil Wayne
Horse Winning Without Rider – Phelps & Munro
Race: In – Battles
Xanadu – Olivia Newton-John
A Little Respect – Erasure
Breed – Nirvana
I Know We’ll Forget – Connan & The Mockasins


p.s. you can listen to the above show here if you like !


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