Mittins in Smurfland

mittins in smurfland 

‘Mittins in Smurfland’ by Mittins.

One day mittins went to bed because she was tired.  

But in the night her televison grew legs !

And it walked over to where mittin was sleeping an gobbled her up ! oh no !

Mittins woke up in a strange land. Everybody was bright colours and it hurt mittins eyes. Also they had blue faces. It was smurfland. Mittins said “oh no ! the televison gobbled me up and now I am in televison land !” mittins ran and ran through lots of paddocks with big mushrooms. 

“Hallo !” said a voice. “Who are you?”

“I am mittins.” said mittins.

“Hallo mittins. I am smurfette. I am so lonely. I am the only girl in the whole of smurfland. Will you be my freand?”

“I am busy” replied mittins. And mittins kept running through the paddock. Eventually mittins ran and ran until she reached gargamels.

“Gargamel !” yelled mittins. “It is me mittins ! open the door you old caboose !”

gargamel opened the door. “Who are you and why did you call me a caboose?” wallowed gargamel in self-loathing.

“I am mittins !” said mittins. And I have seen you on tv you are always being naughty and trying to eat all of the smurfs up !”

“because I am so lonely is why” said gargamel. “Will you be my frienand?”

No” said mittins. “I am busy.” Mittins took gargamels big cauldron and told gargamel to make her a cup of tea. Then mittins thought long and hard about what to put in the cauldron to help her get back to her house. What would work wondeared mittins.. then mittin realised ! 

Mittin killed all of the smurfs and put them in the cauldron, along with the mushrooms.

Everything went funny for a little while.

then a big roar came from the sky.

“Mittins !” cried the televison. “You have destroyed my televison show, the smurfs ! why did you do such a horribale thing !”

“because” mittins said, “I want to go home and be back in my bed ! you should not have gobbled me up ! you were naughty to do that !”

“but mittins” cried the televison, “you have killed all of the smurfs ! I cannot believe you have done such a thing ! its mass murder ! you have a black soul !” 

Its not true its not true !” Mittins ran and ran and ran until she stopped hearing the televison and her own thoughts. Then she went back to bed and never thought of the smurfs again. 

The end.


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  1. What a lovely fairytale with horror twist. Poor lonely smurfs 15… Mittins should kill the television as well