What is The Magic Cauldron?

cat and dog

The Magic Cauldron is a radio show on New Zealand radio station Fleet Fm, 9-11am every Monday, on Auckland frequency 88.3 and Wellington frequency 107.3 It is also broadcast on the internet from www.fleetfm.co.nz so people all over the world can listen in !

Just check out what time it will play in your land, by viewing our world clock !

world clock !

We play a cauldron full of music – which means we mix it all up like a soup. And then we put the soup in our bellys. It tastes glorious.

Perhaps you would like to know about the hosts of The Magic Cauldron? Why, they are none other than Mittins & Shenanigans !

Mittins is a glorious baby wizard, who once ate an entire sandwich.

Shenanigans is a boy who is allowed outside at night time.

Together, they are friends !

This is our page of collections. You will find here so many things – like stories, recipes, secrets, playlists, riddles, and interviews ! If you find yourself wondering, ‘hmm, i wander what sorts of musical goodies these obviously stylish and beautiful people play’, why not check out our Playlists page, where you will find links to all our playlists, and even an MP3 or two.. Please leave us comments or send a cheery email, because we put them right into the cauldron to keep it burning !

We are also on the myspace www.myspace.com/themagiccauldron and these burgeoning web pages will have to suffice, until we learn a dreamweaver, or find a marrage with a computer.

Thanks for looking at our humble pages. We hope you will become a good friend of The Magic Cauldron !


13 responses to “What is The Magic Cauldron?

  1. Margo

    What a splendid website!

  2. I love soup. Thick n tasty and I can dip me bread bits in it. Oh yes, your soup rocks.

  3. I’m looking on eBay immediately for the Tina Yothers book. How could I have missed that?? I owe you big for telling me of its existence.

  4. please let me know if you find yothers on ebay. my friend borrowed my copy and then she disappeared. its no wonder my life has fallen apart since. but if you find it, i will move into your house and we can share it.

  5. Elvi Patterson!

    The pic of the cat and dog dressed as cowboys and indians reminds me that movie,”The Adventures of Milo and Otis!” Keep up the good work.


  6. ha ha i love that movie. it is the best movie to watch on the day after christmas, which i call ‘boxing day’.

    for your information, the dog is shenanigans and the cat is mittins.

  7. you cannot be serious ? everybady knows the universal rule. the dog is the boy and the cat is the girl.

  8. nahole

    Hey, you web thing is goddamn awesome. It’s way better than most of the crap that assholes pollute the internet with.

  9. michael

    sup mittins & shenanigans.

    what an inspirational effort you guys make! i’ll be sure to add to that story sometime.

    chur chur

  10. Oh hey…listening now. Great stuff.

  11. I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting!

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