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Free Rice !

no no no

Hallo everybady, it is only me, Mitton.

I want to tell you about Free Rice !

It is not about freeing rice from a prison. Rice could escape, because it is little and can fit through the jail bars.

It is about giving rice for free to people in our world that are very hungry and need your help !

Oh and it is about playing a fun game while you are bored at work.

You could not even put rice in handcuffs.

When you go to the site, you begin playing a word game. You has to choose what different words mean. Every correct answer donates 10 grains of rice through the United Nations to help end world poverty. This may sound small but the game is very addictive and if you are like me you will end up donating thousands of grains of rice ! At the same time as being entertained and learning more big words to tell your doctor.




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hugging it out

they say it is better to be late than never. i’m not so sure. for example i’d prefer to never go to my own funeral than be late for it. but there you go. this is a playlist that has been in the draft folders for ages. last thursday (20th sept oh7), jazzrod, mittins and me, shananigans, went to the fleet studio and brought all our favorite music storage devices, including CDs, cassettes and records. and for two hours we played, danced and drank some fine beers. and then we drank some heinekens! and there was some very good hugging going on too. we even had a three way hug! i for one had never indulged in such an activity, but had read all about it on the tinternet and now know what all the hype is about. so, here you can listen and below is the belated playlist..

pink cow

  • cherchez la ghost – ghostface killah

  • the jam – krs one feat. shabba ranks

  • let the rhythm hit them – erik b & rakim

  • atlas – battles

  • running up that road [ashley beedle rmx] – kate bush

  • chris chana – wagon christ

  • the watcher – dr dre

  • turf dancing – dj shadow feat. animaniacs

  • vybz cartel

  • twin peaks fire walk with me – fantomas

  • passion for fashion – we smoke fags

  • making you all mine – clor

  • tonto – battles

  • poor innocent boys – cazals

  • all is full of love – death cab for cutie

  • floorplan – tegan & sara

  • us placers – crs

  • young, gifted and black – the gaylads

  • second migration – king kapisi

  • check on it – beyonce samuel remix

  • we dont exist – meat puppets

  • ain’t saying my goo – er.. dunno//

  • are u that somebody – the gossip


better late than never

p.s. hurrah for the mittins return!



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Rich Rich Rich

I’m going to be rich rich rich ! Here is my ideas for being retired and sipping.

1. Make a restaurant that only sells day-old food. I call it the restaurant Yesterday. How does it work? Well, everyday I will go to other food places or if need be, the rubbish bins outside food places, and collect their left-over food. Or if Motar has cooked too much dinnar one night, I will take her left-over food. All of this food will be tasty and cost me notting, but I will sell it at my restaurant, to people who like old food.

You cannot tell me these peoeple do not exist, for I am one of them. Just the otter day I had a day old burger and it was tastier than it would have been brand new ! Also at the restaurant you can read yesterdays paper and drink flat pop.

yesterday menu copyrot mitties

2. I will make a new internet and sell it. It will be called ‘I Can’t Believe It’s Not The Internet!’ = $$$

i cant blieve its not the internet copyrigt mitties

3. Skin Shoes.These are shoes that are modelled on the design of the human. The shoes will have several layers of ‘skin’ so when the outer skin gets dirty and scuffed, you peel it off to reveal the fresh as new layer underneath ! See ?

shoe skin copyrite mitton

Oh shit ! New new new !

4. Baby Land. This is like an amusement park you can go to if you cannot have babies. There is lots and lots of babies there for you to play with ! There is Crying-Town and Nappy-Village and Vomit-Swamp. The best part is the play area but instead of coloured plastic balls to play in, it is all babies. Ha ha ha okay maybe coloured plastic babies.


5. Ceiling-Everything. This is built around my lifestyle belief that everything is better in bed. Even as I type this I am in bed ! Dr Phil is on. A woman has hit her kids. Dr Phil says “it ends today”. That is all well and good Dr Phil, but wouldn’t it be a whole lot better if I could watch you on the ceiling? That way I don’t has to sit up or twist my neck. I can just lie back in bed and look skyward, to my ceiling televison. On the ceiling, there is a lot of room for things. I would also like to play computer solitaire on the ceiling. Las Vegas. And read my book, about Yoko Ono. Basically Ceiling-Everything will become the central console for my life, and yours too.


What do you think of my plans for being rich? How long do you think it will take before I can start maxing and chillaxing ?

M p 3 z

rich by the yeah yeah yeahs

the money will roll right in by mudhoney

dollar by MIA


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