weekend warriors


weekend warriors

gadzooks! what a wild and crazy weekend! with the amazing and wonderfully successful Fleet Rave, the eagerly anticipated Orchid Show, the International Film Festival and TMC good-chum Nessie’s birthday slebrations, many social commentators and other generic detractors & haters were sceptical that The Magic Cauldron could summon the requisite energy and wit to conjour up another glorious slice of cauldron.. but, as the mighty lords and ladies of the Fleetwaves are only too aware, your one mittins and your one shenanigans are nothing if not cunning little badgers, and armed with nothing more than a bag stuffed with treble clefs and E-sharps and other such goodies, we spin some great music with the best (and worst) of them. all. regard; here is our track listing for today. marvel at the wonderful tunes. and if you like, you can click here to listen to it again. does this overt display of friendship make us besties?? i sincerely hope so..

  • we’re still together – o.v. wright
  • mary’s little lamb – otis redding
  • a tribute to a king – william bell
  • day tripper – otis redding
  • respect – soul centre
  • don’t say nuthin’ (valiant remix) – the roots
  • don’t sweat the technique – erik b and rakim
  • what you thought – dj premier feat. journalist
  • love and death and an american guitar – jim steinman
  • bbc blues – motocade
  • backass – karen O & peaches
  • driving me wild – lily allen & common
  • sunshine- Terisa Griffin (http://www.myspace.com/terisagriffin)
  • i forgot to be your lover – william bell
  • wizard chess – harry & the potters
  • breakadawn – de la soul
  • surprise – luscious jackson
  • turfs up – beeda weeda feat. E 40, Too short, san quin, turf talk Hoodstarz & the team
  • everybody wash – bert & ernie (being very inappropriate in a bathroom together)
  • cold up in here – alaskan fisherman
  • sneaker luv’n crew – jade one
  • diamond sea (live) – yeah yeah yeahs
  • respect yourself – the staple singers
  • outtakes from V/O – william shatner
  • lucy in the sky with diamonds – william shatner
  • les poetes – vladimir vissotski
  • thuggish ruggish bone – con psy
  • boys (kimono kops) MIA


kia ora peeps! love and hugs and pinched bottoms from your pal,






TMC UPDATE…. due to the major amount of people searching for that killer MIA track boys (kimono kops remix), it has been decided that it should be readily available to download. for free! click on THE TRACK TITLE on the playlist for your MP3, searchers.. and let us know if you want any others..



Ms. Maya Arulpragasam aka MIA

Ms. Maya Arulpragasam aka MIA

(p.s. we are watching you!)


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6 responses to “weekend warriors

  1. im watching family feud.

  2. you guys got soul, no matter what everyone else says, you soul badgers.

  3. Molly

    I love M.I.A

  4. abcdefg....

    fuck this niggazzzzzz

  5. sam knight

    where can I get the t-shirt she is wearing?