No Hate in 08

shenanigans on the left, mittins on the right, on a particularly happy day.

The Magic Cauldron has taken a very long break in recent times, since the birth of Shenanigans little twins and the introduction of strawberry margaritas just around the corner from Mittins house. About a year ago The Magic Cauldron began on Fleet FM, and so it seems right that now we must say farewell to this blog, as a new blog prepares itself for reading.

The new blog by Mittins will be even less informative and more fiction based, with daily drawings, animations, fairy tales and more ! I hope you will find it. But Mittins says, it might not be your cup of tea :/


Thanks for visiting us in 07. This blog will stay here, but it won’t be updated anymore.

Your pals and confidants,

Mittins & Shenanigans x



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7 responses to “No Hate in 08

  1. romi41

    I am so excited for the new and magical blog…now you said “I hope you find it”…does this mean I have to find it on my own, like a treasure hunt, or will you send us the link???

    **anxiously awaiting , and I just KNOW it will be my cup of tea;-)

  2. ha ha. yeah its a treasure hunt ! hahahaha. thanks for the huge support romi – it is much appreciated !

  3. The new blog will be so magical, so wonderful, so sensual. I look forward to it.

  4. damn straight o clock barclay. i should have named the new blog ‘sensual living’.

  5. Ooh. How come I missed this post? I will love the Magic Cauldron’s blog FOREVUUUUURRRR! Can’t wait for the new one.

    Make sure you post a link to the new blog here, too.

  6. oh good looks toots !

    p.s. check this post, there is a link on one of the pictures :O

  7. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Awning.