Sneaker Pimps !

sneaker pimps

Yes ! Mittins will be attending the above !


Besides myself, legendary NYC artist Futura will be attending. Skilled in the art of art, Futura 2000 came up in the 1970s as a subway graff artist. Over the past few decades he has become renowned for his abstract approach to graff, as well as everything else he does 😮 Which includes, every now and then, designing a sneaker for Nike.

“I would rather be recognized as a productive individual, a parent and a professional. and not exploited with labels by those who choose to mininize and diminish. I’m not even comfortable with the term “artist” it just sounds so pretentious. damn. I hate that ball and chain around my leg; and I will never be defined by the opinions of others.”

– Futura 2000, saying something smart.

And now..

mittin dunks !

Behold, my own pair of Futura SBs ! AAAAh !

(this photo reminds me of how good they looked when they was new)

after partaay.

Oh and there is an after party ! Plus all kinds of competitions on the night – peep for informatron.

Sew. If you are in Auckland, and have an appreciation for sneakies and art, or anything,

maybe you should ask your Motar if you can attend.

Mitties x

but what soos will i wear?



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3 responses to “Sneaker Pimps !

  1. OMFG SNEAKERS! Can Converse shoes be counted as sneakers. Because I really like them.

  2. Mitties…you will look great no matter what you wear.

  3. of corase converse can be counted ! futura rocked his chuck taylors to the event. i shall be posting photos up very soon.

    and thank you cowgal. those sorts of comments make me feel like a lady.