ok.. here are the first few t-shirts in our shop! how exciting! they’re not actually TMC tees, but they are fully certified fleet-shirts, and all hand screen printed by sergeandestroy..

and that is good enough, for now..

prices are 25 NZ$ (that’s like cheap as chips for you oversea-ers!), and we’ll let you know how much postage will be, depending upon where you are!

here is what we have available right now.

yellow fleet t!

faleva tshirt

Blue Fleet t!

Fleet Cloud t!

that is all we have for now.. if you are interested, flick us an email and we’ll let you know what the score is!

thank you for visiting our shop! tell your friends and please come again!



2 responses to “Shop

  1. Hurry up and make stuff for me to buy to be just like you.

  2. shenanigans i think we should put on a fason parade.

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