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The Bomb !

Nathan from The Gossip

Nathan from The Gossip ! Live at Kings Arms Auckland 09.Dec.07

Last night I went to see The Gossip play live at The Kings Arms. I could not describe this experience to you completely. It was the most captivating concert I have been to this century. To be honest, I wonder if The Gossip cast a very powerful spell over me.

Hannah from The Gossip

Hannah from The Gossip ! Live at Kings Arms Auckland 09.Dec.07

From the opening performances by The Hories and then The Coolies, the people gathered at The Kings Arms were hype. It reminded Mitton of being at a childrens birthday party. All the faces I saw were wide eyed with anticipation. Girls everywhere was giggling. It was not because of too much lemonade either. By the time The Gossip took to the stage, you would have sworn there was a lolly scramble about to take place.

Beth from The Gossip

Beth from The Gossip ! Live at Kings Arms Auckland 09.Dec.07

Nathans guitar and Hannahs drum kit must be married in music-land. My hands are too little to play the guitar, but when my headache goes away I am going to become a drummer. I could never be tired of listening to them play and to think that there will soon be a new album with another evolution of their sound is super exciting for my ears, and for 2008 in music. I will always have time to drink some margaritas and dance to their sound, with or without a vocalist. But.

If ever there was a Pied Piper to lead these Auckland children from pretension, her name would be Beth Ditto. It has been a long time since I have seen an Auckland crowd lose their cool, but it happened before my very eyes, from the moment Beth Ditto began to sing. Her voice was heart-breaking ! Her energy was a million times that of Richard Simmons ! Her jokes was mad funny !

We should all grow up to be a little bit like Beth Ditto.

That night, I walked out of The Kings Arms with a full heart. I felt happy and sad. I felt like a little seed of energy had been placed inside of me to help me grow. But I also wanted a time machine, immediately. I wanted to see it all over again.

Later, I realised if I had a time machine, I could also do other things with it. Like my cousin said I could go and invest in IBM. Or I could go back in time and not watch Boys on the Side. I think my first stop in the time machine would still be The Kings Arms on that Sunday night. Thank you, The Gossip. I hope you come back soon. You can borrow my time machine, if I get one.

The Gossip Live in Liverpool

This morning on Fleet I struggled to play anything other than what I heard last night, but you can have a listen here and if nothing else, roll your eyes at my inability to articulate like a proper growns up. May I also recommend you go to your local record store and pick up the new release of The Gossip Live in Liverpool ! I have been listening to it today, and so far it does not compare to what I heard last night. Ha ha. If you snooze, then you lose.


Back in the Saddle – Gene Autry

Made U Look – Nas

The Bomb – L7

Bigmouth Strikes Again – The Smiths

Are U That Somebody – The Gossip

Everything is Everything – Lauryn Hill

Rock Wit U – DJ Jazzy Jeff

Somethings Jumpin In Your Shirt – Malcolm McClaren

Go Fer Your Funk – Parliament

Yr Mangled Heart – The Gossip

Disco Peril – Kittyhawk

Motownphilly – Boyz II Men

Worst Comes To Worst – Dilated Peoples

Don’t You Pay Them No Mind – Nina Simone

Are U That Somebody – Aaliyah

Here I Come – The Roots

Careless Whisper – The Gossip

Silver Lining – Rilo Kiley

Mitties x x


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oh danny bhoy, you are a one..

there will be swearing in this show. i’m not going to apologise for it, ‘cos i’m from scotland; a country where tourettes is seen as some sort a gift, a country where you’re expected to be able to conjugate the verb to fuck by the age of five

oh danny bhoy, the pipes..

so started a 75 minute comedic rampage by one Danny Bhoy, who having just completed a hugely successful tour of australia is currently touring our wee free new zealand.

you know it is a good day when you chance upon an opportunity to see such a highly regarded international comedian (and for frees!), and last yesterday proved to be no exception, as your one shenanigans did just that. it happened like this: a lovely lady at work (S.G.) informed me she had a spare ticket to see this freakin’ funnyman, and knowing my love of the craic asked if i wished to accompany her. i was meant to be hard at work in the TV Factory, polishing plasma screams and the like, however i wasn’t about to let such details stand in the way of me seeing what this gagmaster was all about. but i’m also not one to shoot myself in t’foot; i left a shenanigram effigy in my place, crafted hastily out of cardboard, tape and pillows a la martha stewart, and legged it quick smart to the Civic Theatre [as featured in a previous post]..

ye olde civic

Danny Bhoy is a splendid fisherman of a comedian (and rather dashing, or so my lady friends tell me..). he cast a wide & shimmering net of humourousfulness over us poor punters, who had no choice but to laugh and squeak like dolphins. it was a fine net, a net woven of witty anecdotes, delightful impressions & insightful observations. oh, and fake bagpipes! all that good stuff. also, i think it most important to highlight the fact that i was left with the distinct feeling that Danny Bhoy was enjoying being there as much as we, the laugh stricken audience, so clearly were. furthermore, it certainly seemed that the young dan man was creating the show as he went along, going off on many a random tangent as the whim took him, and it took him quite frequently. i felt i were privvy to a unique and very loosely scripted show. DB has plenty more gigs left here in aotearoa before he heads off to mumbai [check out his myspaz or website for more info], and if they are anything like what i saw then i would heartily recommend you get up off yo arse and go check him out.. in the interim, you may well have to be contented with this yoo-tube clip and some lovely EMM PiE FRIES:


danny boy – elvis presley

danny boy – sam cooke

danny boy, danny boy – house of pain

oh danny boy – jackie wilson

danny boy – willie nelson & leon russell

daniel – elton john




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These pants with give you a miracle.

Today I will like very much to review my all time favourite movie about pants, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

In this movie, four little girls find a pair of pants in a shop. Even though one is tall, one is short, one is fat, and one is thin, all of the girls fit the pants.

They decide to buy the pants and take turns wearing them on their summer break. When one is finished wearing the pants, they will send the pants to the next girl, along with a letter detailing what happened when they was wearing the pants. But there are some other rules, too.

1. never wash the pants.

2. pants = love

Convinced these pants will help the four besties remain close during their time apart, they light candles and induct themselves into the sisterhood of the travelling pants.

I paid money to watch this film at my house in my tv room on my couch on my bottom, one day after I had worked very hard. I think I had a migraine. But it didn’t stop me. And it shouldn’t stop you. The Sisterhood of the Traveveling Pants may seem to just be a story about pants. But do not be foolish. It is a story about pants and changes. Changes in your life and in your body.

My favourite part in this movie, and probably the real reason why I am posting this reveiw, is this short scene below, as I found on You Tube. Whenever I am feeling a little low, I play this, and it never once has failed to deliver. In this scene, one of the girls tries to convince a terminally ill patient to wear the pants. If I were an actor, this would be the scene I would audition with.

I would play both parts, probably with wigs.

Please remember to always wash your pants even if you dont share them with other girls who are going through changes.


! em ppee frees !
tent in your pants by peaches


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Review : Opensouls, Wanaka Events Centre, Aug 9 2007


Hallo, it is me Mittins, reporting from Wanaka. Look to my review of this.


I went to Opensouls at the Wanaka Events Centre with my cousin Gibbles. I seen them perform once before at the Music Awards so I knew I would be in for a treat. My cousin Gibbles did not know what to expect but I told him Tyra is pretty and he liked to see it himself. Plus, we were in Wanaka.

Opening for Opensouls was The Sunshine Soundsystem. Every couple songs they said “Are you ready for Opensouls !” but then they would perform like a million more songs. When Opensouls took to the stage I almost wanted to go home I was so overcome with relief. The wait was finally overs.

Opensouls came out making music from the ground up. Painting a picture one colour at a time. It was beautiful to watch one instrument make friends with another. Drummer Julien Dyne is allergic to snow so he couldn’t come, replaced by somebady who looked alot like Riki Gooch. Tyra danced around the stage in a beautiful red dress. She seemed besties with the keyboard player Stephine. It is nice when girls is friends.

After a few more songs, my cousin turned to me and said “Aaaah :O I want to hear Tyra sing already!” and I was like “:O Oh gad me too !” Opensouls was flirting with the crowd and I think everybady in the audience was ready to get right down to making babies.

At last, Tyra took to the microphone. It was at once magnificent and glorious and I became hypnotised. Tyra must be one of the best female vocalists I heard. But her on-stage performance elevates her to something mesmerizing :O


I think Tyra might has magical powers. It makes for the best watching because she is always dancing and connecting with her band and her audience. You isn’t just watching a singer sing songs. You is watching an expression of soul that comes out in song and dance and laughter and good times. It is refreshing. She never stood still ! Also, it must be noted, she never did bad dancing, like I do if I try to dance for too long.


As I sat watching the Opensouls I had such an enjoyment in my heart. What a lovely combination of people that was on the stage, I thought to myself. I was listening to real music. It was like the most tasty soup you ever had on a cold winters day. I went home with a full belly, and it wasn’t from visiting pie window on the way back to the house.

The Tornadoes feat. Tyra Hammond play 6 October in Auckland at Khuja Lounge, 10pm.

I aint know when Opensouls play next, but I will certainly be attending !


p.s. check out this music video for turn it up. believe it or not, shenanigans is in this video.


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Eagle vs Shark.. (spoiler: the eagle wins)

eagle vs shark tix

Long suffering readers of TMC may well remember how excited your man with a plan, god damn that shenan, was at the Sbegining of this very month, when it was announced that Taika Waititi’s debut feature, Eagle vs Shark, was to screen as part of the NZ International Film Festival. (if you don’t believe me, click here, clicky)

well, last night was The Night. to prepare i had a delicious meal of chicken pancreas and onion pastry, so i wouldn’t need to be distracted with the need to munch olives & feta cheese thru out the filum. i wanted all my faculties intact. but i was anxious. i found it hard to sit still and my hands were all sweaty (OK, more sweaty..). i didn’t know what to expect, or even if i’d get a kiss at the end. it was like a first date. i’d bought my tickets weeks before, to ensure i had a Best Seat (next to a lady!) and by leaving my home early enough i made sure i was there on time to feel the electric hum of excitement from the patrons in the foyer.

The film was showing at the Civic theatre on Queen Street. to people who have not been here, i will describe briefly what a wonderful cinema it is! it has flamingos and peach stucco walls and stars on the ceiling. and clouds.. oh, it is such a lovely venue..

the loverly civvy WS

i’m not going to bleat on about how great this movie is (even though it is), nor am i going to break it down scene by scene. if you want a synopsis, IMDB it, fool.. suffice it to say that i was thrilled, amused, saddened and thoroughly delighted by the moving images presented. i think the fact that the director introduced the movie, like an old chum, and was there for some Q&A action after helped people to ease into appreciating this gem for the slice of heartwarming and hilarious genius that it is.

if you love what we do up here at TMC, chances are that you will enjoy this future classic.. support the NZ film industry and watch this at the movies when it comes out, you won’t be dissapointed. promise!

hei konei ra



UPDATE: we’ve had a bunch of hits from people looking for ‘eagle vs shark‘ quotes, so i’ve racked my brain and have dredged up a few classic lines from the filum! just a teaser, now…

  • Lily to Jarrod’s dad: “life is full of hard bits, but inbetween the hard bits there are lots of lovely bits. Jarrod is one of those lovely bits”
  • Jarrod to his sister: Bitch!
    Nancy: Cockhole!
    Jarrod: Bitch!
    Nancy: Cockhole!
    Jarrod: Don’t call me cockhole, bitch! (jarrod walks off)


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‘new’ filums not to look 4ward to..

sequels 4

What is it with all these multi-sequels that have been creeping back into the cinemas recently? i’m thinking Shrek 3, Saw III, Spiderman 3, er, i’m sure there’s more, but i can’t think of them right now..Oh, here we go: Oceans 13, Rush Hour 3, The Yawn Ultimatum..


Foolishly i went to see Pirates of The Caribbean 3 the other week. as well being needlessly lengthy (i went in on a wednesday, left early the following sunday. i blame PJ and his LOTR for the recent fetish of uber-long movies), it’s fairly rubbish too.

VHS recorder

at the risk of outing myself (doff’s cap to LOLlita) as someone who remembers top-loading VHS recorders, i seem to recall the 80’s were all about the sequel, the sequel’s sequel, and the sequel’s seaquel’s sequel. ad nauseum. i cite these following as examples:

  • A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Halloween
  • Rocky
  • Rambo
  • Death Wish
  • Back to The Future
  • those filums with Jason, that guy in the hockey mask.. oh yeah, Friday the 13th
  • Hellraiser


erm. that is all i can think of right now, and i can’t be arsed reseaching how many seeks (eh? eh?) of each example were made, but i trust you get my point. (and please add more in the comments!)


so here is a list of films that will be gracing our screens in the nearish future, all unnecessaryly sequels squared, methinks:

  • Die Hard 4.0
  • Terminator 4
  • Saw IV
  • Indiana Jones 4
  • Jurassic Park IV
  • X-Men 4

enough, then. i find it hard to specify what it is that irritates me so much about the sequel’s sequel’s sequel, the quad-riquel, if you will. Maybe because it demonstrates the lazyness/apathy/avarice of the studio suits that make such films, mainly in the boardroom. not to mention the talent they must have to overlook to plunge the mega-units of US $$ into such projects. could it be that that money could be used to pay off my credit card? could it be that a film-maker’s original vision is vastly watered down/shaped by feedback/reviews/tech advancements etc etc in subsequent sequels, even if it is the same director? pah, what do i know? i’m not even in the demographic anymore…

saying all that tho, i probably will watch the new indiana jones movie…


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I’m not cryin’. It’s just been raining… on my face.


I have just spent the last 27 minutes 29 seconds watching the very first, and long awaited, episode of HBO’s Flight Of The Conchords. As you may well know, FoTC (self-described as the fourth most popular folk parody duo) is made up of Bret McKenzie & Jermain Clement. Astute readers may recognise the latter from a previous TMC post, Eagle vs Shark, in which he stars with Lauren Horsley in Taika Waititi’s feature.

As you’d expect from heavyweights HBO, FoTC is wonderfully realised, and another example of highly original TV, including the duo breaking into song at oppertune moments and having their music videos shot on mobile phones. From HBO’s website:

“Flight of the Conchords follows the trials and tribulations of a two man, digi-folk band from New Zealand as they try to make a name for themselves in their adopted home of New York City.
Bret and Jemaine have moved to New York in the hope of forging a successful music career. So far they’ve managed to find a manager (whose “other” job is at the New Zealand Consulate), one fan (a married obsessive) and one friend (who owns the local pawn shop) — but not much else.”

TVNZ certainly missed a trick here. The boys apparently came to the commisioning department a while ago, with the idea for the show, but were shot down. As FoTC explained,

“We don’t blame TVNZ for turning down our idea. In all honesty, it didn’t fit with their high quality, intriguing television programming such as Top of the Class.”

As is often the case, things have worked out in their favour in the end. HBO are world reknowned for producing fantastic , genre busting telly. Think Entourage, The Sopranos, Deadwood, Extras (ok, with the beeb, but you get my point). These two gentlemen will now be recieved by the wide audience that their talents deserves.

New Zealand viewers, unfortunately, will have to wait until later this year to watch FoTC. On Prime. If they get it. And another fine example of a trick missed by the state broadcaster.

Luckily tho, i am a geek, and i live in the intrawebnet, and can find all sorts of gems tucked away amoungst the nonsense..



p.s. did i mention that it was great? it was..


look, here are some FoTC MP3s for you!

the humans are dead

i’m not crying

hiphopapotamus vs rhymnosceros

business time


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Last Night

Last night was bad. Two things happened that I had never hoped would happen let alone in one night.

1. Mukpuddy didn’t win the 48hour film competition grand final.

2. Lummis got kicked off Pops Ulatimate Star.

sad times

The night began with me wearing good clothes to the Winchester Pub in Newton to go and support my favourite team to win the 48 hours Mukpuddy. Their cartoon Camp Fear was the good stuff and I was crossing my fingers all night for them. A few comments about the Winchester :

1. They tables is old like the times I spent in a Boys Club Room.

2. They hot chips is the bomb and there is heaps of them.

3. They drinks is cheap.

4. It needs to be nicer inside for the nice ladies.

The times were good at pub. The other Auckland finalists Lens Flare were there also. They had a singing film. They hogged the pool table all night. I wanted to play but I was too littel. I am shy.

too shy

Everything was going well at pub until the time came that the grand winner was announced. We had seen all the other films on the big televison and we texted our favourites and now it was time of decison. Pub all over the countary went quiet. The winner would be announced live on televison with a call on the telephone. I didnt wet my pants but close. Everyone was quiet. Then a phone rang. But it was not Mukpuddys. It was Lens Flare. They was the grand winners.

1. Good on them for winning.

2. It was good film.

As we walked out of pub into the cold air I had these things to say.

1. It is cold but lucky I have my jacket.

2. Why didnt the best one win !

But it is only opinon.

ghost food

I got home and did some dishes. I knew I would go upstars and watch my pops ulaimate star on recorded hard drive. oh lovely. also i had a chocoalt bar. A few things about upstars :

1. my bedroom is there.

2. i can watch pops ulatime star in my bed eating chocoalte.

everything was going fine. here is a review of the singars ! as i remember it.

1. matt was the one who looks like he is crying. he sang a song. he sang old boring song. his clothes was horrable. poor matt. he looks like ludo when he frowns.

2. next is emily. she sing lily allen song. she had to sing cockney and wear the same clothes as lily allen. why?

3. then was david. he is no singar. he is a secret gypsy brought to bring down lummis.

4. then was ben. he is glory ! he looks like a little rubgy player and he looks a bit strange always. he is littel and like a baby.

5. i forgot, nick was first on the show. he sing bono. they make him wear sunglasses just like bono. i hat bono. also, nik is from the forest deep.

6. jo sing beautiful by christina aguilera. she was afraid she would cry because she used to be heavy. then i bet she thought, if i dont cry everybady will be disappointed. so she just cry at the end. everybady wins.

7. last is ben. oh i already said him. well he was last. he sing op shop song maybe. oh ben, you littel one ! i am hapoy.

the contestants and me

then it is time for bottom two. these ones will have to fight a battel involving emotions, loud noises and lots of different body shapes . everybady is nervous. the tall one announces it. but it is not david and david. it is not even forest boy! it is emily williams and ben lummis. this is my thoughts on the news:

1. no. no no no no no n no ! devastate !

i was devastate. these two are my favourite ! why why why ! as soon as they say it i knew that ben would have to lose.

he did.

even as i type about it now i want to cry. it is not fair. i see other ones that sould have died first.

ghost mouse

why my lummis!

the end.


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eagle vs shark

eagle vs shark

Pinch punch, first of the month.. and no return. Yes, it’s July, which means it’s the very month that the Telecom 2007 New Zealand International Film Festivals, to give it it’s full title, kicks off in earnest, starting here in the merry old city of Dorkland (July 13 – 29), before donning big boots and tramping round the rest of these green and fertile islands untill the end of November, no less. Hurrahs all around then.

One filum that is eagerly awaited by your cauldron commentator, uber-nerd and trainspotting compu-dweeb, me aka shenanigans, is Eagle Vs Shark, the long awaited feature length debut from Oscar darling Taika Waititi (nominated for his highly acclaimed short Two Cars One Night).

two cars

two cars one night

Following down that glorius geek-chic path forged by that most singular example of the genre, the wee gem, Napolean Dynamite, Eagle vs Shark, to quote the film festival website, ‘is the tale of two socially awkward misfits and the strange ways they try to find love; through revenge on high-school bullies, burgers, and video games.’ Featuring the performances of Lauren Horsley and Jermain Clement (one half of comedic geniuses Flight of the Conchords, who are doing rather nicely themselves overseas, thank you very much..) and with music from The Phoenix Foundation, this movie promises to be splendid on every level. especially if the reviews are to be believed. Already this film has won 5 film awards and was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance film Festival. Phew, and rounds of applause, indeed.

also recommended is a thorough checking out of the film’s official website, which is a delight in itself, with charming games, delicious downloads, lovely links and all sorts of other golden goodies to feast your eyes and ears on.

the film screens as part of the international film festival on the 25th and 26th of July, at 8.30 pm and 11am respectively at the Civic Theatre, before it’s general release at the end of August. so, who wants to come and watch it with me??

ok.. that’s me, but i’ll leave you with this a particularly choice quote:

Man on phone: D’you want to leave a message?
Jarrod: Tell him that justice is waiting for him.
Man on phone: OK Justin. Thank you. Bye bye. [hangs up]
Jarrod: No, justice. Justice.


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shhh…it’s a secret

you know, there’s nothing i like more than a good, old fashioned secret or a right crafty idea. apart from maybe a lovely cheese and tomato sandwitch, handcrafted by my dear old sausage mitton. anyway. i was going to add a new & exciting secret to our ‘secrets’ page, when i chanced upon something rather splendid, on-web. it’s this rather dee-lightful site, the brainchild of one mr frank waren, which combines both a fistfull of secrets and a cunning scheme.

it’s a simple idea, as most of the good ones prove to be, namely an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard! brilliant! apparently it started way back when (nov ’04) when warren printed 3,000 self-adressed postcards and distributed them to the public; strangers in the street, left in library books and stuffed into sock drawers across the nation (the US). About 100 made their way back to him, and he thought that would be that, but no! to this very day, he continues to recieve secrets on postcards, and has over one hundred bloody thousand of them!

secret book

as well as the regularly updated website (which it is claimed to attract 3 million (crikey!) visitors a month), Frank Warren has also produced three (gasp!) deliciously humerous and poigniantly tragic books, jam-packed with all the scintillating secrets he has amassed. As well as featuring in gallery instalations, a travelling art exhibition, and a music vid for the All American Rejects, ‘Dirty Little Secrets‘, Warren has even been featured on some televisual programmes, like Today, 20/20, and, er, Fox News. Probably cos he’s won so many Bloggy & Webby awards. No small surprise, then, that it’s ranked as the 3rd most popular blog on the ‘net by New York magazine.

To further the hat-doffing in Mr Warren’s general direction, it must be mentioned that profits earned by his project go to a suicide hotline. in 2006, FW posted a plea for support for this help-line on his website, and in just one week, more than $30, 000 was raised by the kindness of a mere 900 visitors. eh? gives you something to think about, doesn’t it..


It should perhaps be noted that as well as such charming disclosures as above, the content of some of the secrets shared highlight the more dubious nature of our fellow men and women. this no doubt has contributed to the huge success of the project. people love to know that there are those who are worse off than themselves.

as you may well know, we here at The Magic Cauldron love a good secret! just have a look at our secrets page, oh ye of little faith. and have done for ages! honest, we’re no bandwagon-jumpers.. but saying that, if you happen to have a sordid lil’ secret to tell, why not send it to us?! we might even put it in a book. or on a T-Shirt if it’s really juicy!





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