FanFic : NZ Idol R18

long neck

watching pops ultimate star took me back to the heady days of NZ Idol – Cycle i looked into the old ahchives of my old blog and found this tits-alating piece of fanfiction. enjoy !

nz idol fanfic R18

one day before idol show began ben was in his backstage room, combing his long neck and putting vaseline on his eyes. it huert but he had to keep his neck long if he wanted to win the show. a soft knock at the door broke him out of his reverereie. “hallo is ben there?” ben knew that voice from anywhere. it was the little one from the top nine ashley. she had a voice like a roadside barbeque. and hair like golden syrup mixed with mayonaise.

“come in please” he said. asheley opened the door and her harrt stopped. it had been so long since she had seen ben because she got kicked off the idol show after people realised they didnt feel sorry for her any longer.

“hallo ben it is me ashley” she whispered. ben stood from his seat and pulled his pants down. they made a baby and named it jackie. the baby was so happy it had been made it ran into the fireplace !

the end.

i love longneck



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3 responses to “FanFic : NZ Idol R18

  1. Jeremy

    I miss Long Neck too. And Teresa. And until now I completely forgot about Ashley.

    I like your web-sight! You should put a video on here called Camp Fear. As luck would have it I made a video called Camp Fear.

    It’s on youtube. Where movies live!

  2. hooray !did you read my review about the 48 horous?

  3. Jarrod!

    What a magik story! A bit racey, but awes’