Inappropriate News.

it is mittins here, with something to tell everybady. Tina Yothers has given birth, to a baby.


yes this yothers !

some of you may have read my review of yothers self help book ‘being your best: a guide for girls’.

it would be foolish to downplay the impact this book has had on my life. from my hair to down there. if it had not been for this book my phone manner would be poorly, and i would have matched polkadots with stripes :/ i would never have learned how to maintain.

if you ever want to be your best, this is the book to show you how.

being your best !

regardless of the above, must tina yothers give birth, to a baby? is it appropriate?

i do not think so !




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3 responses to “Inappropriate News.

  1. How tragic this is…to have your roll model fall from grace. Poor Mittins, let us find another who will be so worthy of your praise.

  2. thank you cowgalutah. poor poor mittins. i hope you find somebody soon for me.

  3. romi41

    As I said, this is not her baby! She purchased it from a “down-on-her-luck” teen! Don’t be fooled mittins, though I’m glad Miss Yothers helped you with your phone manner, that’s very important! 🙂