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Return of Mitton.


Hallo friand. It is me, Mitton. Remember me? I have been busy.

Now I am here to begin our relationship again. I know it might not be easy, I have been absent from your lives for some time, and things have changed. We might not be the same people we once were.

Today as I drove down a very steep hill I spied with my eye a very old lady, carrying a bag of groceries, walking very slowly up the hill. Poor old lady I tought to myself. She is old, her legs are tired from a long life. My lovely car is built to drive old ladies like this one up the hill, so they don’t has to use their weary muscles and be sad about the war. As i got to the bottom of the hill I tought, Mitton, you have been very bad and naughty lately. Karma is all over you like red wine, waiting to stain your rotten life. Turn around and go and get that old lady. It could be the start of your new chapter of goodyness.

I did turn around, and also I turned my music down and made the passenger seat all pretty. The old lady had a plastic bag on her head, which is a safety hazard, but also it meant she was possibly a bit unususual. I didn’t care. I had to go trough with this. I was afraid of what the fates would do to me next if I didn’t do this one thing. I got outs of the car and began to follow her up the hill. It was very steep.

Just as I almost reached her, she turned the corner and began to walk down a different street. The street was little and had houses on it. My good thing to do had passed me by. I stood on the steep hill halfway up and halfway down and watched the old lady wander into suburbia. I wondar if she will be there next week, at the same time at the same place. I will have to arrive half an hour earlier and wait at the bottom of the hill.

Until then though, I need to think of more good things to do. I have been lucky my entire life to get away with all the bad things I do. I cannot sleep at night sometimes :/

Little Trouble Girl by Sonic Youth


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