aback with a slap and a tickle and a song..

hurrah! that was what the noise what that was resounding up and down symonds street this very monday morn, ‘cos the young mittins has returned from a winter wizarding school sourjoun and delighted us with her tales of merry jaunts in South Island, of which i am reliably informed more of will be known laters. if you were to ask me however, les shenanigans, i suspect she was gently asked to leave for being a particularly crafty type of gypsy, perhapaps after one of her dubious midnight missions to talk to the boys who hangout around pie window swiging ginger beer. the wee toerags.. girls today, eh? even so, it sure issuch a lovely treat to have her gracing the onesises and twosies with spankingly delicious musical choicenesses. and lo! there was a link to the said show, but no, audiosubstep is effing with our programme, so you can’t listen up, anytime anywhere [insiders inform TMC this problem will be dealt with soon as].. but lo! here is the playlist below.. and what with some killer EMM PEE FREEs tucked away in there too (for all y’all educashun, right?), you could well be considered the happiest blonde trustafarian dreadlock in all that big woolly knitty hatty thing jim jam bing bong full of them that is this fleetosphere..

back in the good old days, when a song was a song was a song

  • let the good times roll – phoebe snow

  • just one of those things – frank sinatra

  • our last song together – neil sedaka

  • sympathy – sleater kinney

  • lake of fire – the meat puppets download here!

  • a tender history in rust – do make say think

  • tony’s theme – giorgio moroder (theme from scarface)

  • pets – porno for pyros

  • i’ll be your mirror – the velvet underground

  • 90% of me is you – gwen mccrae

  • mind rain – joe chambers

  • ghostbuster generation – jahcoozi download here!

  • hate on me – jill scott free download from her myspace page!

  • desire – pharoahe monch

  • walking with a ghost – the white stripes download here!

  • you can call me al – hot club du paris

  • come and get me – frontline

  • lung collapsing lyric – percee p feat. pharoahe monch

  • urban maori – 4 corners

  • goodies [richard X rmx] – ciara feat. MIA download here (oops.. TMC is straight outta BW, try here)

  • check on it samuel remix – beyonce/skills to pay the bills you can download it at skillstopaythebills!

  • not many – scribe

  • the syndicate outta jail – hijack

  • welcome to the terrordome – public enemy

  • i can stand a little rain – esther phillips [thanks souledon]

panda poop




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8 responses to “aback with a slap and a tickle and a song..

  1. Benjii

    Yay! You played Sleater Kinney! Allow me to reciprocate Wednesday morning on the breakfast show!

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  3. me

    I’ve always hated that white stripes cover of walking with a ghost- tegan and sara r a zillion times better!!!

  4. ~i have to disagree, me me old float, i think it’s a cracker of a song.. but then i do love a good cover so i do, it’s like a doffing of a cap..

  5. when i first heard the cover i aint like it. but it grows on me ! i like the interpretation. its more urgent and jarring than the original.

    hahaha p.s. when i first heard it on the radio i was like 😮 what the hell 😮 is this what tegan and sara actually sound like live? i was like oh gad they sounds like an ashtray :/

    i was so relieved when i found out it was a cover. ha ha ha ha. good old mittins.

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  7. Lauren

    hey, just saw this on youtube- a bunch of kids covering the white stripes’ “seven nation army”

    kids covering white stripes

    kids covering beangrowers

  8. Thanks for infromation 🙂