Mittins Loves Michael Cera

Michael Cera is quite possable my future husband. we would live over here but he would continue to be funny in Hollywood. maybe I don’t want to marrage him, but just live inside his shirt pocket that has a small hole in it so i can see out with tiny bunoculars. but also I would be very small, about the size of stuart little !

mittin little

the telelvivivvion sow ‘Arrested Development’ is quite possable the best televison show america has produced. but it is also possible the creators of this show were too glorious. the show was cancelled. it was like trying to feed a eight year olds birthday party a fine array of aged cheeses, when all they was used to was old microwaved frankfurters.

wheres the sauce 

fun fact – mitton has still not seen the final episodes of arresteted development. the thought that i have unseen treasure awaiting me comforts me.

i also have several love letters i have never read, and a can of crystal pepsi, as yet unopened.

so what now for the brilliant michael cera?

alia shawkat the great

michael once was infact, alia shawkat, a girl.

i have strayed from the topic which is michael cera. well i did just see him in this video which to me is a lovely rendition of events which unfolded on the set of i heart huckabees. you can also it over there, on the right and down a bit where our vodpods are. down a bit.

he also has a website where he lives on the internet with his bff clark. i live at home with my family.

i know alot of you are wondering, why am i writing about this? i don’t know why. i could have written about christian slater but there are only so many hours in my work-day ! tomorrow, frieand.

i guess i just wanted to put it out there. that michael cera is funny and in the future i believe you will all know it and i will be sitting in an armchair, by a roaring fire, sipping on 12yr old whisky, and chuckling to myself. the lights will be dimmed.

signing off,



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