back! from the future..


freshly returned from a splendid sojourn in the near future, the magic cauldron this week (or was it next week?) delighted listeners with tales of talking dolphin peoples, hydrogen powdered hover-cars and next weeks’ lotto numbers. Aaaand mittins’ confirmed rumours about her best-selling new time traveling tale, featuring the dr quin (medicine woman), as yet to be fully written, but a guaranteed success! as observed in 2oo9. As per, a selection of fine treats were offered to the musical gods, in the form of the following secular sacrifices:



bendix – the tomorrow people (an old advertisementing)

star trek theme – space, the final frontier..

one be lo – the future

the smiths – how soon is now?

the future sound of london – papua new guinea

at the back of the shell – the kills

the next shit – pharoache monche feat. busta rhymes

the robots – kraftwerk

happy mondays – w.f.l. (think about the future mix)

prince – sign o’ the times

vision incision – lo fidelity allstars

space-man – david brent

a film for the future – idlewild

internet bitch – ninjasonik

mos def – next universe

bump (best friends remix) – spank rock

robot hero – threebrain

josh abrahams – we mess with your head (off the ‘welcome to the future’ LP)

the shirelles – will you still love me tomorrow?

bloc party – helicopter (diplo remix)

jeff buckley – new year’s prayer


back to the future nikes


as to next weeks lotto numbers, they are as follows.

2, 3, 8, 23, 33 and 42. and 45. and maybe 14.


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