28 weeks later

weeks ! not days. what a concept.

last night shenanigans and myself were invited to a vieweing of the film ’28 weeks later’. it is a sequel to ’28 days later’.

except this time, it is weeks.

in the film, when english peoeple bite each other they get rabies, and run very fast in large groups looking for new peeople to bite. but soon everybady is running out of peoeple to bite, because of the no-bagsies-no-returns rule of rabies.

when the film begins, there are only a handful of english people left and the american army has come to rehabilitate england. they have lots of camoflage, guns, sunglasses, and helicopters. one englash family that got survived of the rabies is being helped by the americans and this is the basis of the next hours or so of the film.

these new zombies sure run fast 

one good thing that this film has brought to the zombie genre, is that these zombies can run very fast.

normally, zombies is all slow. but these zombies is fast. also, they don’t moan like normal zombies, they scream very loud. and they is very alert. old zombies are slow, and moan, and are kind of sluggish.

these ones is fast.

apart from this development in zombies, the film was dumb.

i didnt even want to go but we got free tickets and even then i knew i shouldnt go. i dont know why the film was made, and i only watched it because i was comfortable in the seat and i couldnt get enough quiet to sleep instead. the film had no people in the story that i didnt want to get rabies – they could all get rabies as far as mitton was concerned! also, there wasnt even any scary bits. apart from this bit :

when that bit happened i got a littel fright.

towards the end of the film, i was excited because i knew that soon there would only be the main characters left and the film would end. this is exactly what happened. all the rabies went away and everyone was safe again. even all the peoeple that died. even all of the rabies. everyone was happy again. and there was even a refund on all the bullets and grenades.

in conclusion, this film was dumb and i give it only 2 spells out of 5. only see this movie if you take ear plugs so you can have a sleep. also make sure you take a eyes mask, a wollen hat and some mittens. but not mittins, because i will not see this film again !

signing off.


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