where that mitton done gone

radio gone

today was a normally such a happy day. but it was just a hap of a day. people rejoiced in the streets, as they knew it was another super monday, the day of The Cauldron. but alas, it was a cauldron sans mitton. absent, for noble activities. shocks were felt across the fleetwaves. tears were shed. about a shed load were shed. those melancholy clouds. but your one, o’shenanigans, soldiered on regardless, chin up indeed, cwoffe in hand and served up a delicious musical stew. just like back in the long hot winter of ’73. baked in the hot gas oven that is the old fleetfm, the recipe is as follows:


The message (datashat remix) – grandmaster flash 7 the furious five

work it out – charlie 2na (feat. Supernatural)

da funk (casino inc amazing disco mix) – daft punk

over and over – hot chip

fire – arthur brown

blood red sleeve – charlie ash

don’t want what you don’t want – planning to rock

50HRZ – seek know more

i can’t write left handed – bill withers

white light/white heat – the velvet undergound

una momento – fatcat & fish face

naughty holiday – connan & the mockasins

monkeys – richard pryor at his hilarious best

chime (live at glasto ’94 y’all!) – orbital

come clean – jeru the damaja

danger! (when the east is in the house) – blahzay blahzay

the mask – danger doom

six day war – colonel bagshot

six days DJ shadow feat. Mos def

inner city boundaries – freestyle fellowship

groovy flute – manu dibango

my guitar wants to kill your mamma – frank zappa

money makes friends – barrington levy

the history of punk on the lower east side – jeffery lewis

i fought the law – the dead kennedys

lesbian seagull – tom wilson

truck driving can be fun – billy james






be sure to tune in next week, me dear hearties.. the magic cauldron will be bubbling with joysome goodness once and forevermore! but not for evermore, the band.


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    this page is fabulous! I Luf it!