wendy’s big burger bonanza

as the mitton said, your one shenanigans saw the filum ’28 weeks later’, and what follows was to be a considered review of said movie. however, after reading the mitts’ comprehensive review i feel that i should perhaps turn my attention to my post-movie activities, namely, the satiation of my post-movie hunger via a ‘meal’ procured from the wendy’s food chain.


having never used the drive thru feature offered by the larger of the fast food chains (as i don’t frequent such establishments; politics, dontchaknow), and in serious need of nourishment after enduring the above feature, i decided upon patronising the Dominion road Wendy’s for my repast, confident in the knowledge that i could order/pay/pick-up quicker than i can change my cotton socks, and then journey homeward to stuff the face hole. as well as the novelty of the ‘drving thru’, the decision to sample wendy’s fare was also made on the spurious basis that my fave 80’s pop icon (and subject of First True Love (not including imaginary girlfriend, one ‘Rasp’) was the Wendy James, former lead singer of Transvision Vamp, current lead singer of Racine, and i liked the symmetry. Regular listeners of the cauldron on fleetfm will no doubt have commented on my very healthy appreciation of this lady’s all round splendidness. a veritable spunk.

wendy james

to the food, then. I ordered a simple chicken burger, complete with fries and a beverage (i have no truck with hamburgers. Where does the ham come into it?). Such was my hunger that i delved straight into the branded brown bag and crunched on chips, as i turned right down dom rd. If i were to describe my reaction as i muched that first fry, it would be ’emergh’. It tasted much as i would imagine a deep fried twig wood. A ha. Several grimaces later, i arived home, and opened a guady foil-esque wrapper containing the ‘burger. The chicken affair. As well as keeping the product tepid, the foil also acted as a high tech recepticle to trap any airbourne moisture and transfer to the bun. Maybe this is designed that way to keep the single sad leaf of lettuce limp and the sliver of tomato tense. As mentioned, the bap was crap. Damp. The chicken pattie was also affected by the steam, and as a result was chewable at best. As to any flavour, it was bereft. Luckily, by this point, i had dismissed any expectations. Need i comment on the carbonated sugar saturated beverage? It was just that. But with ice.

To conclude then, the food quality matched the movie marvolously, and as such i am left reasonably content with the symmetry of my evening. Would i revist the Wendy’s? i think not. even more so since i discovered of the homophobic nature of the FFG (fast food giant), during my research. Apparently, when Ellen Degeneres ‘came out’ as a lesbot on her hit show, the imaginitively titled ‘Ellen’, the FFG pulled it’s sponsorship. poor, i say. poor.

ellen and 'friend'

post script: although i didn’t really expect WJ to hand me my order from the Collection Window, i’d be fibbing if i said my fingers weren’t crossed in some vain hope that the vamp were on staff that night..


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