Headlines Video !

Stop what you doing right now. Go into your private room. Shut all the blinds. Turn off the lights. Get out a cloth and wipe your screen until it is shiny and clean.

It is The Spice Girls brand new video !

The Spice Girls reunion has given me a new lease on life. Thank you Spice Girls ! Thank you !

A few notes on each Spice Girl:

1. Baby Spice is all up in this song and video like she is the new leader of the group. This pleases me. Baby is so grownsed up it makes me want to run up a whole lot of stairs, taking two or three at a time in sheer enthusiasm.

2. Ginger has almost no top on. She knows she cannot compete in the boobs, so she is all about the stomach. I find it hard to comment on Ginger as I am still mid-way through her autobiography ‘If Only’. Ginger is so human to me right now !

3. Posh is the boobs. I was relieved to see the others let her sing some lines in the song. Imagine if Posh could sing really good? She would disrupt the entire balance of the group and this reunion wouldn’t be happening. So be thankful. You do your best Posh. You must be very exhausted.

4. Scary took the biggest back seat in this video, and it makes me like her more. I am glad you didn’t rock totally straight hair in this video Scary. That is not what Spice Girls is about. You need to give up the weed though Scary, all you did was lie on the floor in the whole clip laughing ! I almost expected to see you start snacking on a bag of potato crisps or a late-night kebab.

5. Things have changed for Sporty. She was not allowed to do high kicks or wear trackpants in this video. Also, over the past few years Sporty has become black clothed and fringe-wearing. Is she lonely? Something is troubling me about her. But I was very glad to see her signature face-to-side eyes-to-camera was still as powerful as it always was. There is something magical about Sporty, but I cannot help but wonder if Sporty is ready for this Spice Girls reunion.

Finally, I am hearing rumours about The Spice Girls coming to visit me in my home-land.

I have in the past stated that if this becomes true, I will clone myself one hundred times so I can fill the crowd with myself. I will also find a way to reach them and cry infront of them. That will be the original me though, not the clones. Afterwards I could sell the clones of myself on the internet !

I suppose we will wait and see how it goes. But my insides are happy just thinking about it.

Mitties x x



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5 responses to “Headlines Video !

  1. That music video was like a lullaby. I seriously felt like sleeping and it looked like a lingerie ad to me.

  2. An innocent bystander

    I feel absolutely violated. Why are they touching themselves so much? I never ever wanted to see Scary in that few clothes. Is Posh changing her name to dominatrix spice? Does Ginga talk about her belly button in her book? I had to throw up a little. I think Sporty is hanging out and saving herself for the tour. I think her energy would come across best in concert. How much exactly would a Mitton cost on trademe? Put me down for two so I can play jump rope when the cat isn’t home.

  3. will the mittons be able to have turn jumping rope too?

    do you know what isnt a lullaby? gingers book about herself. i was up till three o clock this morning reading it ! maybe if you read her book while watching this video, you would be just right.

  4. Hahaha, I highly doubt it… I highly doubt it.

  5. romi41

    Ooooh, the world premiere of the video on the Magic Cauldron!!! Thanks mittins 🙂

    Gingy’s stomach had so many muscles and ribs; everytime she moved I felt like her stomach was making faces at me…

    You are right, Sporty seems very lost, I think it has a lot to do with her bangs…

    And finally, I was extremely frightened by Posh’s lingerie; all those complicated straps (shudder…)