xanadu (take two after meals)

Gosh. golly gosh. It has been, like, forever since i have posted anything. So, how have you been? Oh, good good.. me? Oh i’m bearing up, all things considered.. you know how it is..

anyway, let us cut to the chase. me and mittins made a radio show yesterday and it was a rather grand occasion. We played these rather lovely tunes and gossed and gassed until we could no more.. and i promised i would post! and look.. here i am, posting..

before i post the playlist tho, may i suggest that NZ based musicologists weave and wend their weary way to the record collectors fair this weekend? it’ll be spinning Saturday November 3rd and will take place at 1 McDonald St, Morningside. be there or be a squire!

record fair


  • It’s not me babe – Johnny cash
  • poison ivy – the rolling story
  • love is like a butterfly – dolly pardon
  • space children – labelle
  • fool country – olivia newton john
  • he hit me (it felt like a kiss)- the crystals
  • jeremiah 1 – scribe
  • knockin’ boots – candyman
  • lidl – afrikan boy
  • rawhide – frankie laine
  • the rhinohead [pilooski edit] – von sudenfed
  • careless whisper – the gossip
  • we used to be friends – the dandy warhols
  • headlines – the spice girls
  • no diggety – the klaxons
  • say it again – scribe feat. tyra hammond
  • turn it up – opensouls
  • while my guitar gently weeps – the wu tang clan

love and hugs






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7 responses to “xanadu (take two after meals)

  1. holy carp shenansy ! you posted ! i need to find out those scribble titles though ! its been in my car stereo since i bought it and i aint know what all the songs are called !

    exclamation mark !

  2. romi41

    yay for shenanigans and posts!! 🙂

  3. aww shucks you guys.. such delightful comments almost make me want to post more..

  4. I sometimes wish you Magic Cauldron guys were situated in Sydney. I would probably go out to see the local stuff more often. Not that I don’t go see local stuff many times a week. 😛

  5. perhaps the magic cauldron should go on a world tour ! 😮

  6. That would be awesome! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Can’t wait until Monday so I can call. WOOOO!

  7. Yea! I would love a world tour.