Is There A Ghost?

i could sleep !


Band of Horses second album ‘Cease to Begin’ is out through Sub-Pop, and I’m going to go buy it with some money. The first single ‘Is There A Ghost’ has tucked me under it’s wing and flown me to a wonderful place ! Plus, now the video is out, and has given me new visions. Directed by Brian Savelson, the video is totally rad, and I wish I had thought of it first.

Is There A Ghost? – Directed by Brian Savelson

“I could sleep when I lived alone. Is there a ghost in my house?”


Mittins x x 



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4 responses to “Is There A Ghost?

  1. Ahh, Sub-Pop. They release many great artists. I believe Sleater-Kinney is one of those bands. Awesome song by the way, I think I’ll check them out.

  2. sub-pop is rulz ! sleater-kinney is double rulz ! request a song for us to play for you in our next show.

  3. Yeah, give me your radio’s phone number so I can call you guys. 😛

    I live in Australia so you’ll have to give me your area code and all that.

  4. +64 9 3070789 ! or text us +642744FLEET ! ha ha how rad you is going to call, im going to put on my fancy ears !