Convoy !


Convoy is Back !

Fleet FM, home to The Magic Cauldron, has announced the next Convoy ! Friday 9 November at Space Bar !

The last two Convoys have been super rad goodys, forreals. Mittins & Shenanigans ran the back bar at Space and got to be in charge of alcohol and money ! And then at the last Convoy, Shenanigans got to be on the door – and people were forced to engage with him ! Forced ! Oh, plus at Space Bar we found a wallet, a passport, and some prescription lenses. We will bring them to this Convoy. Sorry if you haven’t been able to leave the country in the meantime. Or buy anything, or see anything :/

So who is playing at the Convoy ?



Tommy Ill


Teen Wolf




Surf City


T Bones


Moron Says What


The Randoms


Mr. Hayday


Mean St


Benka Borodovsky Bordello Band


Golden Axe


and more :O

Convoy is only $10 and it raises the money that keeps Fleet FM on air. Presales will be at Real Groovy Records as of next week ! Get in early ! There is also going to be karaoke with special guests :O and for the bargain-hunter in you, prepare to pay only ten dollars for three beers ! yes, you heard right, but with your eyes – ten dollars for three bottles of beer ! you will get lots of kisses at the convoy with these prices !

Get ready for good times, and tell us you are coming to the convoy ! It may be the best thing that ever happened to you.



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5 responses to “Convoy !

  1. There’s a band called Teen Wolf out there, and I don’t know about them?? I gotta get out more. My waxer used to call me that.

  2. i hope you made up for it with some mad basketball skills.

  3. romi41

    hahaha to Abarclay πŸ™‚

    Oh mittins, you get me all excited with the talk of this convoy, especially with how close we’ve become in the life-coach/coachee relationship; can you take me there vicariously? Please and thanks πŸ™‚

    And also, the sheer idea of anyone being forced to “engage” with Shenanigans frightens me (for the person he’s engaging), but also makes me laugh πŸ˜‰

  4. hallo life coach ! it’s been days. i feel sad for everybady who cannot attend the convoy, those who are too lazy to stowaway on a ship and come to our country. but not you life coach. i will attend on your behalf and even talk in a weird overseas accent. do you speak any other languages?

    news update ! shenanigans and myself have been confirmed to perform at the back bar again. we will be serving drinks and this year have decided to sing karaoke afterwards. rehearsals will begin at my nanas house this weekend.

  5. romi41

    Haha, you can speak French on my behalf if you like; and my Canadian English accent on its own is rather funny, so feel free to talk in a strange fashion πŸ˜‰

    Haha..that is quite the “news update”; if there is any chance of making a video of your karaoke performance and posting it, I will give you a whopping 100 “life coach points” πŸ˜‰