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Is There A Ghost?

i could sleep !


Band of Horses second album ‘Cease to Begin’ is out through Sub-Pop, and I’m going to go buy it with some money. The first single ‘Is There A Ghost’ has tucked me under it’s wing and flown me to a wonderful place ! Plus, now the video is out, and has given me new visions. Directed by Brian Savelson, the video is totally rad, and I wish I had thought of it first.

Is There A Ghost? – Directed by Brian Savelson

“I could sleep when I lived alone. Is there a ghost in my house?”


Mittins x x 



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Convoy !


Convoy is Back !

Fleet FM, home to The Magic Cauldron, has announced the next Convoy ! Friday 9 November at Space Bar !

The last two Convoys have been super rad goodys, forreals. Mittins & Shenanigans ran the back bar at Space and got to be in charge of alcohol and money ! And then at the last Convoy, Shenanigans got to be on the door – and people were forced to engage with him ! Forced ! Oh, plus at Space Bar we found a wallet, a passport, and some prescription lenses. We will bring them to this Convoy. Sorry if you haven’t been able to leave the country in the meantime. Or buy anything, or see anything :/

So who is playing at the Convoy ?



Tommy Ill


Teen Wolf




Surf City


T Bones


Moron Says What


The Randoms


Mr. Hayday


Mean St


Benka Borodovsky Bordello Band


Golden Axe


and more :O

Convoy is only $10 and it raises the money that keeps Fleet FM on air. Presales will be at Real Groovy Records as of next week ! Get in early ! There is also going to be karaoke with special guests :O and for the bargain-hunter in you, prepare to pay only ten dollars for three beers ! yes, you heard right, but with your eyes – ten dollars for three bottles of beer ! you will get lots of kisses at the convoy with these prices !

Get ready for good times, and tell us you are coming to the convoy ! It may be the best thing that ever happened to you.


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