The Con !

The Con

Sitting upright in my bedroom headquarters, I wondered where will I find something to bring me joy and a good emotion?

Not moments later did I come across the latest video release from my absolute favourite twins (until yours arrive) Tegan & Sara. Their most current album, The Con, is just the best album I have heard in a long long time. Even though the songs from the album are wonderful on their own, I think the best way to appreciate what Tegan & Sara have created is by listening to the entire album, in order, from start to finish. It is proper. And rewarding !

The Con is the second single from the album, The Con :O Buy the album !


‘The Con’ directed by Suzie Vlcek

But if only they would pay a visit to our lovely townland. Tegan & Sara are currently in the midst of their tour, which does not include visiting The Magic Cauldron :/


Mittons x x


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  1. Go Tegan and Sara! I love their tunes. From their latest album, the song, “The Con” is perhaps the best song on their album. I love it!