Them Spice Girls brand new song Headlines has been leaked. It were meant to be released next month but nah. You can listen to it here :

I, Mittins, do not like this song. I said it ! When Ginger talked about how great this song was going to be, why did I believe her?

“It’s a Spice Girls classic,” Geri announced on the televison. “It feels like it’s taking something from the past, you feel that flavour, but then it’s moving on. It’s a big love song.”

“Emma and I initially worked on it with the original writers that we used to collaborate with,” she told the televison, and me. “Then the other girls chipped in later, adding lyrics. It’s magical. I am so proud of it.”

Oh Ginger. You even used the word magical ! I want to cuddle you but then slap you, and then run a bath for you, and then scrunch up my face at you, and then exfoliate my elbows.

“Headlines (Friendship Never Ends)” is this year’s official Children In Need anthem and is released digitally on November 5 and on CD two weeks later. Maybe this song will grow on me, but for now I will bask in the below. Perhaps I was expecting The Spice Girls comeback to be a little something like this.


New Kids on the Block – Tonight

p.s. now I even heard that the music video shoot went bad. who is the bad seed that is turning these once-besties into brawlers?

Mitton x x


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