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Remember the otter day when I talked about Facebook and how dumb I thought it was? Me too.

It was anti-anonymity, no-nonsense, and mature. Everything that Mitton is not !

Now it is months later. Things have changed. My hair has grown, I have given myself a pedicure, and I am addicted to Facebook.

Scrabulous & Eye

Facebook is a vast land, and also a giant onion. At first it may just seem like a place to find your old school friands, or remain connected to the people in your life you can’t be bottered speaking to anymore. Does anybady talk to anybady anymore? I hardly answer my telephone. It is not because I am popular, which I am – heaps. I am just tired, and online.

Online is where all the talking happens. But not a whole lot of talking happens, online.

I think the reason why Facebook is so popular is there is no need for talking. There is otter things instead. There is applications, like hugging people, and even gardens. These applications are the the hidden onion layers of the book of the faces.

onions cry

For me, there is one application in particular. It is Scrabulous. Scrabulous is bringing me gifts from the world. It is my new love, and I share this with you now.

As a very good speller since a young age, everybady always said I was born to do great things. I was very smart. The the internet came along and fucked shit up, big time. I became dumb, and stayed indoors alot more. I was robbed of my youth. However, several years later, I find I can redeem myself and claim some of my prior glory on Scrabulous. It is just like Scrabble, but less hazardous to young children who might choke on letters. You can play your friends and decide who is smarter. At the moment I am being beaten by my frieand Jeremy. In this case it doesnt actually mean he is smarter. It means he is cheating. How rotten of him.

Also, when you don’t have any friends to play Scrabulous with, you can play a robot. The robot is a real robot, who leases a space in New York that is just like the loft apartment in Big. Instead of working for a toy company though, he plays Scrabulous all the time. He plays against me alot. And he is super smart. He ususally beats Mittons by hundreds of points by using crazy words that don’t even exist, only in robot world. The point is, this robot is so glorious only someone with the power of ten dolphin brains could chance to beat him in a game of Scrabulous.

eye won scrabulous against the robot

Someone like Mitton to the power of ten dolphin brains, for exaemple !

Anyways, this was the real point of this blog post, to prove that I can beat robots at games. And Jeremy if you are reading I bet you never beat a robot at anything. Suckaer !

death of scrabulous robot

Check Scrabulous out on Facebook, you won’t be disappointed. You will however, be enthralled and incredibled.

M P 3 z :

MissTeenWordpower by The New Pornographers

The Word Is Out by The Sugarhill Gang

The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P by Lambchop





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9 responses to “Scrabulous & Eye

  1. romi41

    I LOVE that you can stay in touch with people on Facebook who you don’t really care about, without really doing any work…

    My friend told me about the Scrabulous application, and how it’s the most fun and exciting thing in the world; I haven’t added it yet, but he told me that when I’m less busy at work, we shall play each other furiously throughout the day; it’s better than actually talking to him, even though he only sits 10 feet away….

    PS: “The robot is a real robot, who leases a space in New York that is just like the loft apartment in Big”…I laughed my ass off πŸ™‚

    PPS: I’m a little slow, so I only just got onto the New Pornographers a little while ago, but they’re a delight πŸ™‚

  2. romi we sould become facebook friands, so we can be closer, and also so we can play scrabulous.

    do you has the new the new pornographers album? i went to buy it today but then i got shy. also you sould check out some neko case solo albums. she is on par with scrabulous. i highly recommand you buy you some.

  3. romi41

    Umm yeah..I am SO gonna add you Facebook…what are you listed under? Mittins? I shall look you up…

    I don’t have the New New Pornographers album..Right now I am in stage 1 “learning about cool music” see I have this friend, and he is always disgusted that I listen to so much “mainstream” stuff, so he literally loaded like 300 songs on my iPod…a mix of Canadian indie bands…classic rock…just to get me schooled…I am loving it so far….

    Never heard of Neko Case, thanks for the heads up..

    So yeah, I’ll probably buy NP sometime soon, and you should too, don’t be shy…hahaha



  4. romi41

    I noticed that you accepted my friend request…it’s like I suddenly have someone famous on my friend list….exciting times πŸ™‚

  5. hey everybady, we are playing scrabulous !

  6. romi41

    Yeah, and you’re killing me; my last move was LAME…

  7. JA

    Really glad to see that you guys like Scrabulous πŸ™‚ Please feel free to send in your suggestions to us at – thanks everyone!!

  8. magic

    What has happened to the robots room?! Can’t fing them anymore. So I figured out how to play them on solitaire, for the last week , and now I can’t get to them anymore, either. I t has worked in the past, but all I get now is a grey page. I am so sad!!!!! Can you help me????

  9. no robots room? i am going to put my investigating hat on !