godspeed goodfriend

i like to think i have a good working relatonship with my computer, and i can leave it alone when i wAnt.. but it does it soak up my precious time, and let’s face it, it’s a bit 1sided really. even tho, i’ll miss my beast.. it’s like my favorite horse [unlike my mouselike mobile]. it is heading back to the techs that spawned it to eek out the last of the warrenty goodness. i’ve scratched up the HDD with all manner of rudemusic, and now it whinges like an infant when booted. i’m sort of looking forward to some off-line activities. and who knows, i may even go for a walk.. i leave these offerings to the gods of the internets for a swift return of the old warnag.


donkey doctor – 808 state

wild horses – the rolling stones

return of the hardcorejumblecarbootechnodiscoRoadshow – bently rhythm ace

plug me in – add N to (X) [check out the racy vid for this tune here if you dare..]
old man goat herder shenanigans, in better days

may the funk be with you and also with you..




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4 responses to “godspeed goodfriend

  1. see you when you get back, old keyboard.

  2. romi41

    “like an infant when booted”…that’s some pretty hilarious imagery :-), and boy is my face red, ’cause Shenanigans, you ARE a funny ol’ chap after all!

    Sorry for painting you with the dull-brush, when I didn’t even have all the facts; if you want to get revenge, you can paint me with a “whore-brush”???..no wait, it’s only revenge if you choose something that isn’t true…hmmm….

    If you don’t have a computer, you probably won’t read this, but it’s just as well; I’d prefer to feel a muted shame…

  3. nahole

    You can’t not have a fucking computer. That’s like not having a fucking head or cock. Sure you can fuck those things up but you still have to have them and use them every day.

  4. thank you one and all for your lovely comments. i lurked from wurk and spied them all.. now i have old computertron ZX80 back and it is glorious in it’s functionality, so expect plenty more erudite and witty musings and emm pees frees on these humble pages!
    romi old sqeeze: i was begining to worry about you and your appreciation of ‘funny’, but it seems like you have (finally!) warmed to my subtlties. and BTW i would never paint you with the whore-brush, no matter how much you beg!
    mr hole: y’know, i felt both cockless and headless without my machine! it was a weird few days, and i think i might have committed a few crimes but i can’t be sure, it’s all a blur..
    mitts: i got yor back pal!