ra kuutia*

there is a wonderful fascination with the heavens in these blessed islands that really just rings my bell. last month/week/yesterday they made or are about to make south island’s magnificent lake tekapo nightskyscape the very first world heritage nightsky area place*. and a few years ago a working replica of stonehenge* was constructed in the wairarapa. it measures the passage of the stars and everything. imagine.. a new henge?! crivens, that must be like the first henge to have been built for like 5000 years! maybe. right on anyway, aotearoa, way to go!

stonehenge aotearoa

stonehenge aotearoa

and last night must have been a bloody good night to be an astormener in new ziland then, cos there was one of those earth sun moon conjunction things going on. an ecclair or something equally wonderful. it had people all across the country out in the cold open air, mouths agasp at the splendid sight to be seen:

la lunar

another bloody moon

well, with all this cosmic craftyness floating around is it any wonder you found yr man shenan up at fleetfleet? coincidence?. you tell me. either way 11 till 1pm on the fm today i took the wheels of steels and drove a rudeboy riddim right ‘roud the fleetosphere. here: you can listen for yourself.. and now, to a moon soaked playlist..

  • juen ko ku (chop ‘n’ quench) – fela ransome kuti & the africa 70
  • stamping ground – moondog
  • shine on harvest moon – leon redbone
  • everyone’s gone to the moon – nina simone
  • sometimes i feel like a motherless child – clarence smith
  • flip ya lid – nightmares on wax
  • after all [mad professor vocal mix] – horace andy
  • stick by me – john holt
  • moving outta babylon – johnnie clarke
  • agboju logun – shina williams & his african precussianists
  • moonlight sonata – fursaxa
  • lidl – afrikan boy [nice one pinglewood]
  • don’t talk – estelle
  • you think you’re right hot – the streets, kano et al
  • buss it up – kano feat. vybz cartel
  • welcome to the terrordome – pharoahe monche
  • paper planes – M.I.A
  • trees [spank rock reMix] – dr octagon
  • stronger [A Trak mixRe] – kanye west [once more, nods to pinglewood]
  • red moon – turing breaks (obviously)
  • toro mata – celia cruz & johnny pacheco
  • tristeza maleza – manu chao
  • red moon – clancey eccles & the dynamites
  • see a man’s face – prince moonie feat. horace andy
  • waking moon – jah wobble
  • babuji bbuji kya loge – dilraj
  • no diggety – blackstreet feat. doc dre
  • flow on [pete rock rEmix] – lords of the underground



*In Maori mythology our “man in the moon” is resolved into the woman in the moon, her name being Rona. The common view of an eclipse of the moon is that Rona, a malignant being, is attacking and destroying it. When the moon does not appear the twain are battling with each other, and so cannot be seen. After the combat the moon bathes in the waiora a Tane, and so returns to us again young and beautiful. Another version credits Maui with the part of moon-darkener.[*]



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4 responses to “ra kuutia*

  1. romi41

    Your link didn’t work for me, that made me sad 😦 I did however love your Maori mythology story that you posted at the bottom; I think I’m a lot like Rona…

  2. links are our weak link, it is true..
    i sure am pleased you like the tale as well. i’m thinking of making it a ‘thing’ as and when the mood takes me.. i loves it. not so sure about yer romi, i mean rona tho, she seems like badnews to me..

  3. by the way

    turing breaks

    thought you meant

    turin brakes

  4. actually they emailed me saying how they were thinking of changing their name to turing, but wanted to see how it looked first before committing.
    so there.
    P.s. they emailed me back and said they weren’t that keen after all. good spotting by the way btw, you win!