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hey, can you hear something? it’s like a whisper, nay, a murmuring.. in maybe six or seven languages, across four or five continents.. it is a buzz which is abuilding for thelong awaited long player La Radiolina from multi-lingual euro-uberfave Manu Chao. Pegged for release on the 4th September, La Radiolina [sung in French, Spanish, Italian, Portugese & English] will be chasing the success of Manu Chao’s previous studio efforts Clandistino (1998), Proxima Estacion: Esperanza (2001) & Sibérie m’était contéee (2004), as well as a critically acclaimed live album, all of which had heads nodding and fists pumping across La Monde. And if the few tunes that have leaked their way onto the internet are anything to go by, then it will certainly be as energetic and earnest as his earlier recordings.

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forgive yourself if you are unaware of Manu Chao and/or his music, but allow me then to inform you that outside of the english speaking world, Manu Chao is nothing if not a massive musical force. Furthermore, he is some sort of post-che posterboy for that whole anti-globalisation movement thing. The epitome of the global citizen, Chao (born in Paris to spanish parents, natch), is based in beautiful Barcelona, and frequents South America, throwing considerable support behind the Mexican Zapatistas between busking sessions in Columbia. Indeed, he is politically aware and socially awake to the extent that “at the Genoa G8 summit a few years ago, the Italian government asked Chao to represent the anti-globalisation protesters. []”

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more quotage: “Manu Chao is widely acknowledged as a pioneer of Latin alternative music, which he was making as early as the 1980s as the leader of Mano Negra. His music is multilingual and broadly multicultural, blending rock, reggae, punk, ska, found sounds, and more. (via manuspaz)’

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Phew indeed, eh? What with the impending release of this album and his current tour in the US, TMC is confidant we are about to see and hear alot more from your one Manu Chao. Enough then, i think you get the point. Readers: save up yer euros for this record, cos it will be a gem. and then you can say you heard it here first! in the meantime, get up to speed with these EMM PEE FREEs and regardez this, one of the three or four video floating around for the first siren drenched single off the new LP. this, the wee TMC favorite, ‘Rainin in Paradize’ is directed by Manu Chao & artist Jacek Wozniak.




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