pretend mouseses

Today at work a little baby mouse was found under a desk.

It was so so little that nobady was afraid of it.

One person said “Bite it’s head off !” Another person made it a house out of some fabric. Another person knitted it a jumper, but was lying because it had no sleeves.

I took it home with me in a shoe box. Motar said “Mittins, don’t get too attached to it.” I said “I won’t Motar !” I called the baby mouse Friday.

My Sizzle said to me “Mittins, the baby mouse is diseased and it is so so little it needs its own motars milk. It might not survive.”

I said “I know Sizzle.” We fed the baby mouse Friday some bread and cheese and carrots.

My Papa said to me “Be careful Mittins.” I nodded okay Papa. I put the shoe box near the heater so it would keep warm.

Motar said to me “You know we will have to set him free in the morning Mittins.”

I said “Yes Motar.”

On Monday at work everybady will ask Mittins “Where is the baby mouse Friday? Is the baby mouse alright?”


Goodbye The Spice Girls



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9 responses to “Friday

  1. romi41

    I couldn’t concentrate on work just now, so I felt like reading some stories…I love your story. It’s kind of like a “mittins vs. the world” tale; no one can look at the bigger picture, and understand that love and compassion is enough to keep a baby mouse alive. Seems like YOU understand though; don’t set it free mittins! Don’t set it free!

    -Thank you for the heartfelt tale, I feel warm and fuzzy.


  2. Anything with a soundtrack like that is simply heart wrenching…I may have to take the day off.

    Oh. It’s Saturday, it is off.

  3. did you give the wee critter a name, or is it anonamouse?

  4. does you ever read shenanigans !

  5. er, yes? it must have been welling tears that obscured the words..

  6. I would like everybady to know that I am burying him next to Boogs.

  7. romi41

    so…..he’s dead then?????

    No, this isn’t happening.