Secret Meeting of Super Friends !

superfriends !

Today on The Magic Cauldron Radio Show, Shenanigans & Mittins finally met long lost Super-Friend Benji Jackson from The Bored Housewife Radio Show :O

Event !

Benji stayed for a bit and spoke on the microphone with Shenanigans about British things. It was boring to Mittins, but that is what British is. Hahahaha. Just kiddies, old twiggies.

Hopefully Benji will return soon for a proper visit.

  • cvalda – bjork – selmasongs
  • the con – tegan & sara – the con
  • witness the curtains closing – artic monkeys vs roots manuva – dj sam flanagan monster mash
  • what’s up fatlip – fatlip – the loneliest punk
  • black butta – beverly knight
  • sea lion woman – feist – the reminder
  • are you ten years ago – tegan and sara – the con
  • war – the generation gap
  • calling all – the la’s – the la’s
  • why keep on breaking my heart – nina simone – wild is the wind
  • higher state of consiousness – josh wink
  • tent in your pants – peaches – impeach my bush
  • maps, trees & graphs [maxamillion rmx] – assembly now
  • turn it up – opensouls – kaleidescope
  • generation gap between us – ann peebles
  • cu-cu-ru-cu-cu – anita traversi – from her 45 record
  • the ghostface of you lingers – spoon vs ghostface killah
  • leaving green sleeves – leonard cohen
  • freedom jazz dance – miles davis feat. nas & ola dara – from the upcoming miles davis remix lp
  • still d.r.e. – dr dre – 2001
  • bringing down the birds – herbie hancock
  • hiphop – dead prez – let’s get free
  • clockwork – roots manuva – brand new second hand

todays storytime was dr quinn love poems lovingly read by mitties with following emotions by shenanigans.

dr mike rulz in 07

bitches and hos is all she knows

our entire show can be listened to and studied here. hopefully it works good as it has been on the blink for a couple weeks. either ways, mitties and shenansy will be back on the fleet radio this coming thursday from 7-9pm, joined by the one true jarrod and his beer reviews. tune in from fleetfm or old-fashion-it from auckland on 88.3 fm or wellington 107.3 fm or on stewart island on 963.4929 fm.

thanks to everybady who called and texted in.

oh burn ! nobady did.




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16 responses to “Secret Meeting of Super Friends !

  1. Kiaora Cauldron, i like what you’re cooking up.
    By all means lets linker.
    Thanks for stopping by!

    Streetarse team.

  2. i object mittsies old stick! we weren’t talking boring: we were talking twiglets! they are a snack treat from heaven, and ideal for christmusses and birthdays.. they’re as good as jaffa cakes! don’t fret tho, deAr pal, cos i will make sure i have some before year end..

  3. chirstmas ! ! ! 1 ! ! ! ! !

  4. m: you and christmass should get a room already! chortle chortle

  5. maybe we will, may-be-we-willl.

  6. tis a pity I live in Blighty, I’d be tempted to tune in if I lived where you do! Thanks for the link and the kindly commentas!

  7. Paul Baylay

    Thanks for serving up a slice of home……

  8. romi41

    At last i’ve discovered that your magical link does work! Bah, but it’s way past my bedtime 😦 ….I did enjoy the first few minutes of your banter though; mittins, it seems like you’re the funny one of the two πŸ˜‰ Now that I have the magical link, I shall listen to it at work tomorrow, for it will serve as a delightful accompaniment to Excel spreadsheets!


    Thanks for the entertainment! πŸ™‚


  9. ayo shenanigans, if you need me ill be over here cold chillin in funny-land, invites only though X-P

  10. romi41

    Hey you two, so I listened to your show, and it was really entertaining! I really enjoyed the eclectic mix of music. I wasn’t familiar with most of the songs, since my entire musical-taste is composed of what I hear on those “commericial top 40 stations” (i.e. Enrique Iglesias, Hanson, and 98 Degrees), so I was glad to expand my horizons!

    I see myself becoming a regular listener and fan (though I promise not to become all obsessive like Mel from FOTC—tonight’s episode was when she won the “fan contest” and cooked dinner for the boys…I loved her story on how she hooked up with Doug, and even more, I loved seeing Doug locked in the basement stairwell…LOL)

    Keep it up you guys, and don’t worry Shenanigans, you have your glimpses of humor as well πŸ˜‰

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  12. How the heck did I miss this post?!?!

    Superfriends indeed!


  14. Artic Monkeys RULE!!vsRoots Manuva Yeah Mon!!