oh danny bhoy, you are a one..

there will be swearing in this show. i’m not going to apologise for it, ‘cos i’m from scotland; a country where tourettes is seen as some sort a gift, a country where you’re expected to be able to conjugate the verb to fuck by the age of five

oh danny bhoy, the pipes..

so started a 75 minute comedic rampage by one Danny Bhoy, who having just completed a hugely successful tour of australia is currently touring our wee free new zealand.

you know it is a good day when you chance upon an opportunity to see such a highly regarded international comedian (and for frees!), and last yesterday proved to be no exception, as your one shenanigans did just that. it happened like this: a lovely lady at work (S.G.) informed me she had a spare ticket to see this freakin’ funnyman, and knowing my love of the craic asked if i wished to accompany her. i was meant to be hard at work in the TV Factory, polishing plasma screams and the like, however i wasn’t about to let such details stand in the way of me seeing what this gagmaster was all about. but i’m also not one to shoot myself in t’foot; i left a shenanigram effigy in my place, crafted hastily out of cardboard, tape and pillows a la martha stewart, and legged it quick smart to the Civic Theatre [as featured in a previous post]..

ye olde civic

Danny Bhoy is a splendid fisherman of a comedian (and rather dashing, or so my lady friends tell me..). he cast a wide & shimmering net of humourousfulness over us poor punters, who had no choice but to laugh and squeak like dolphins. it was a fine net, a net woven of witty anecdotes, delightful impressions & insightful observations. oh, and fake bagpipes! all that good stuff. also, i think it most important to highlight the fact that i was left with the distinct feeling that Danny Bhoy was enjoying being there as much as we, the laugh stricken audience, so clearly were. furthermore, it certainly seemed that the young dan man was creating the show as he went along, going off on many a random tangent as the whim took him, and it took him quite frequently. i felt i were privvy to a unique and very loosely scripted show. DB has plenty more gigs left here in aotearoa before he heads off to mumbai [check out his myspaz or website for more info], and if they are anything like what i saw then i would heartily recommend you get up off yo arse and go check him out.. in the interim, you may well have to be contented with this yoo-tube clip and some lovely EMM PiE FRIES:


danny boy – elvis presley

danny boy – sam cooke

danny boy, danny boy – house of pain

oh danny boy – jackie wilson

danny boy – willie nelson & leon russell

daniel – elton john





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