Godfather Pt II?

trapped in the cauldron

Eye is late posting this up but shut up and behold the rebirth of my favourite saga, Trapped in the Closet.

There aint much to say that aint already been said about this. Everybady knows I been anticipating the new chapters like my motar anticipates me moving out of her house. And two tell you the truthts, I am excited and nervous and fearful to see what R Kelly has done. So much could go wrong ! But then again, it is Kellz. Yo, I just hope it don’t become another Lost.

lost in the cauldron

To those who haven’t seen the first twelve chapters, go away.

To those that has, first, let’s refresh the memory, below !

And now without father ado, Chapter 13 !

And bonus bonus bonus Chapter 14 !

Well. It is best two let this marinate before posting your comments below. I know I will need to gather my thoughts. Has Kellz become a victim of his own brilliant creatron ?

Catch all the new chaptars on TMC as they arrive on earth !

jesus and kellz team up

Jesus don’t pee on them though.




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2 responses to “Godfather Pt II?

  1. I just feel really inspired by this. Instead of taking my meds, I’m going to be healed by the love and genius that is R. Kelly.

  2. Ha ha. You will learn the hard way why you is not meant to stop taking medication.