These pants with give you a miracle.

Today I will like very much to review my all time favourite movie about pants, The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants.

In this movie, four little girls find a pair of pants in a shop. Even though one is tall, one is short, one is fat, and one is thin, all of the girls fit the pants.

They decide to buy the pants and take turns wearing them on their summer break. When one is finished wearing the pants, they will send the pants to the next girl, along with a letter detailing what happened when they was wearing the pants. But there are some other rules, too.

1. never wash the pants.

2. pants = love

Convinced these pants will help the four besties remain close during their time apart, they light candles and induct themselves into the sisterhood of the travelling pants.

I paid money to watch this film at my house in my tv room on my couch on my bottom, one day after I had worked very hard. I think I had a migraine. But it didn’t stop me. And it shouldn’t stop you. The Sisterhood of the Traveveling Pants may seem to just be a story about pants. But do not be foolish. It is a story about pants and changes. Changes in your life and in your body.

My favourite part in this movie, and probably the real reason why I am posting this reveiw, is this short scene below, as I found on You Tube. Whenever I am feeling a little low, I play this, and it never once has failed to deliver. In this scene, one of the girls tries to convince a terminally ill patient to wear the pants. If I were an actor, this would be the scene I would audition with.

I would play both parts, probably with wigs.

Please remember to always wash your pants even if you dont share them with other girls who are going through changes.


! em ppee frees !
tent in your pants by peaches



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7 responses to “These pants with give you a miracle.

  1. and this, dear mittons, is why i don’t go to the movies with you no more..

  2. is it also the reason you asked jarrod if you could try his pants on the otter day?

  3. Some great stuff going on here. Sorry that I haven’t been in touch sooner. Drop me an e-mail about the guest series—would love for you to participate.

    Keep on keepin’ on…

  4. romi41

    Haha, I would NEVER share my pants with girls who are going through changes…ickk! (although I LOVE to share my pants with old ladies who are all finished with their changes…)…I’ve seen bits and pieces of that movie, totalling about 40%..I’m not sure why I never saw it all…I still love how the pants magically fit on the fat one…

  5. why do you think they decided not to wash them? i cant remember, but i bet it was the sexually confused one who came up with that rule. and then when she gets the pants she takes them up to the attic and rubs them all over herself.

  6. romi41

    hahahaha…yeah, I bet she turned those suckers inside out and went to town, LOL