Review : Opensouls, Wanaka Events Centre, Aug 9 2007


Hallo, it is me Mittins, reporting from Wanaka. Look to my review of this.


I went to Opensouls at the Wanaka Events Centre with my cousin Gibbles. I seen them perform once before at the Music Awards so I knew I would be in for a treat. My cousin Gibbles did not know what to expect but I told him Tyra is pretty and he liked to see it himself. Plus, we were in Wanaka.

Opening for Opensouls was The Sunshine Soundsystem. Every couple songs they said “Are you ready for Opensouls !” but then they would perform like a million more songs. When Opensouls took to the stage I almost wanted to go home I was so overcome with relief. The wait was finally overs.

Opensouls came out making music from the ground up. Painting a picture one colour at a time. It was beautiful to watch one instrument make friends with another. Drummer Julien Dyne is allergic to snow so he couldn’t come, replaced by somebady who looked alot like Riki Gooch. Tyra danced around the stage in a beautiful red dress. She seemed besties with the keyboard player Stephine. It is nice when girls is friends.

After a few more songs, my cousin turned to me and said “Aaaah :O I want to hear Tyra sing already!” and I was like “:O Oh gad me too !” Opensouls was flirting with the crowd and I think everybady in the audience was ready to get right down to making babies.

At last, Tyra took to the microphone. It was at once magnificent and glorious and I became hypnotised. Tyra must be one of the best female vocalists I heard. But her on-stage performance elevates her to something mesmerizing :O


I think Tyra might has magical powers. It makes for the best watching because she is always dancing and connecting with her band and her audience. You isn’t just watching a singer sing songs. You is watching an expression of soul that comes out in song and dance and laughter and good times. It is refreshing. She never stood still ! Also, it must be noted, she never did bad dancing, like I do if I try to dance for too long.


As I sat watching the Opensouls I had such an enjoyment in my heart. What a lovely combination of people that was on the stage, I thought to myself. I was listening to real music. It was like the most tasty soup you ever had on a cold winters day. I went home with a full belly, and it wasn’t from visiting pie window on the way back to the house.

The Tornadoes feat. Tyra Hammond play 6 October in Auckland at Khuja Lounge, 10pm.

I aint know when Opensouls play next, but I will certainly be attending !


p.s. check out this music video for turn it up. believe it or not, shenanigans is in this video.



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3 responses to “Review : Opensouls, Wanaka Events Centre, Aug 9 2007

  1. you have done such a wunderbar job of reviewing this event mittins old sausage, and the pictures are just splendid! it makes my heart long to have been there.. i would even have happily put up with the first act you descibe!
    (plus i have a super big crush on Tyra! she’s dreamy.. FYI: i often had real trouble staying in character during the video shoot..)

  2. i aint meant to hate on the first act :/ it just when you want to see opensouls, you want to see opensouls ! like now and shit 😮

    maybe i sould interview you about your experience on the set of this music video. also i sould interview you about who you would pick, tyra or book faser or jo cotton or terror hatcher or chris warnedher.

  3. Tyra has special magical powers, yes indeedie. Me likie very much.