seven till nine steppa lively

it was another great show last night on the seven till nine on the F the L the E the E the T FleetFm.. this playlist was hot hot hot.. alas you will have to take my words for it cos the recording apparatus was having none of it, so i can not offer a link to the show! and, er.. there might be a few tracks missing from the list.. killer fire burn and nice up da riddim crews stoked up the massive blazes and we was toasted like the tastly little crumplets that we are.. i have a link, but it only goes to one of your 4oh4 pages and that aint no good for nobody, right?! so enjoy these EM PEE FREES and this, TMC‘s 100th post!





lion of judah rasta fire burn


  • we don’t want the warthe mighty redeemers mammamagans sent me this cd from devon
  • shadow of darkness – inflict [formally fat panda]
  • fifty fifty – wiley
  • snakecharmer – bassnectar & kraddy
  • how gun rise – movado
  • bad man [diplo mix] – missy elliot vybz cartel
  • a quiet place – horace andy
  • red hot car – squarepusher
  • donkey docter – 808 state
  • promiscuis lola – dj earworm [check out this fulla’s steez here]
  • do it like this uppet hutt posse & movado
  • summer smoke – girl talk
  • gangsters – wiley
  • stand clear [– origin unknow remix] – adam f feat MOP
  • hook up – afterdark
  • renegade snares – omni trio
  • valley of the shadows – origin unknown
  • plumpy chunks – plump djs
  • some velvet morning lee hazlewood & nancy sinatra
  • art lover – holly ramos
  • sailing man – neil halstead
  • fighting in a sack – the shins
  • sugar man – rodriguez
  • dance music from bairaag – kalyanji anandji
  • you brought a new kind of love – george wetling
  • desert blues – victoria spivey
  • the ballard of jed clampett – the foggy mountain boys (here‘s a tv version, as i only have it on crusty old 7″)


y’arr.. pirate in bath







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8 responses to “seven till nine steppa lively

  1. romi41

    Hey guys,

    It was such a small line in there about your 100th post, but that’s really well done guys! I hope there’ll be 100 more! (actually I hate that line; it sounds like those standard anniversary speeches, i.e.: “congrats on 50 years of marriage, and here’s to 50 more!”…that’s such a generic no-feeling sentiment…it’s like getting someone a gift-basket of assorted cheeses and jams for Christmas…no feeling—unless you really love cheese and jam more than anything else, in which case, it’s an excellent gift…).

    So congrats on 100 posts; I haven’t read them all, but I’m sure one day I will, ’cause I really like your site you two! :

    There, that’s better 🙂


  2. I was dancing about in my flat to last night’s set. Was mighty fine listenenings. No Spice Girls but still….was good. Next week I need me some Holler by the SG’s. ok?

  3. what nice things of you to say! shame about the link to the show! but such is my curse with technology. i am inspired to sharpen up this post tho to make it a bit more of a celebration for being the old 100 and all that.
    romi: cheers old float, saying ‘here’s to another 100’ sounds to me like that’s all you wish! pretty mean if you ask me.. whatevs..
    AFKAP: SG? NW!

  4. romi41

    Haha, but think of it another way: if I only wish for another 100, that means I wish for you and Mittins to be famous TV stars after the next 100 posts…that’s better than any average wish, if you ask HA!

  5. maybe i already is a famous tv stars !

    full o fruits advertisement, 1984

  6. romi41

    Is “full o’ fruits” a kind of cereal or something?

    P.S. Mittins: I heard Baby Spice just had a…baby. That kind of blew my mind.

    P.P.S. Shenanigans: I was sick today and all drugged up, but I managed to watch a FOTC marathon, as the Cdn movie network has it on demand. I didn’t think the show could get any funnier, but while under the influence of heavy meds..yes…a bit funnier indeed 🙂

  7. word. i aint remember what full o fruits was but i had to jump on a trampoline eating them. shit was mad real.

    yo i always thought i would have a baby before baby spice would.