TMC: believe the hype!

at last, it is official! TMC is now a music blog with teefs, ‘cos now the whole of the dubdubdubisphere can find us splashing out empeefrees on that most splendid of resources, the mightiest of the MP3 blog aggregators, The Hype Machine

bizniz time

it’s a pure thrill to know that people are finding TMC a helping hand to glam up dull and monotonus lives with delish musics (although it’s also actually just very nice to know people are even finding our site!) to celebrate this momentus occasion, i have deleted the EM PEE FREES page (a necessary bit of pruning there..), and put the links below, along with some classic TMC tunes that are favourited by MITTINS & SHENANIGANS. have a scoot thru to see if there is anything you fancy.. FLEET!FLEET!FLEET!

the sun one – sun ra

one thing – amerie

the only one i know – the charlatans

the only one – transvision vamp

funkier than a mosquitos tweeter [jazzeems all styles remix]- nina simone

jolene – darcy clay

snakecharmer – bassnectar & kraddy

deceptacon – le tigre

mr shenanigans in the glory years




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3 responses to “TMC: believe the hype!

  1. Awesome call letting the masses listen to Le Tigre – it’s a great song and show the diversity of the band. Instead of ‘TKO’ as well, that’s wicked.

    Sleater-Kinney next. You know you want to…. please? 🙂

  2. Stuart Rowe

    Nina Simone! What an amazing tune, given a really really cool working over. Amazing it loses none of the menacing cool of the original.

    This is all I have been listenning to today. Thanks!

  3. when eye return from my travel you may find some sleater-kinney..