Mighty Monster Masquerade

misery exhibition

Starting very sooon is the Mighty Monster Masquerade, featuring new works by the lovely and glorious artist Misery. i’m going to go, it is about time i did things outside of just me and motar. Opening reception is this Thursday at 7pm but i ain’t go (because i will be in wanaka going to opensouls ! ha ha !)

misery.com is almost ready too. i bet its going to be a rad website. i joined they mailing list.

till then you can mysplash misery to see some of her work. or go to misery boutique to buy things.

The Mighty Monster Masquerade

9-18th August

Alleluya Cafe / St Kevins Arcade



miss misery – elliot smith

misery loves company shark attack

the monster mashboris picket and the crypt kickers



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2 responses to “Mighty Monster Masquerade

  1. oh oh oh! can you say hello to tyra from OpenSouls for me! just say hallo from shenanigans and wink.. she’ll know what you mean.

  2. ha ha i knew you would ask me this. im going to tell her dont you worry my little cotton sock.